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Warforged are a race of magically powered mechanical beings.


Warforged are sentient creatures. Despite being tools of war, each warforged has its own unique personality and a full range of emotions. They are genderless but most appear as males. They can vary greatly in appearance:

  • The majority of warforged are 5 to 9 feet tall, 200-500 pounds.
  • Some are very mechanical looking with large exposed gears. Some have the appearance of a living suit of armor. Others more human looking, with tough metallic plating covering a muscle-like fibrous body.
  • Most have a basic humanoid shape (head, 2 arms, 2 legs) but some may have different body configurations- extra limbs, reversed joints, etc.


As their name suggests, experts believe they were created as a race of soldiers for some long forgotten war.

No warforged has ever been discovered that has been continuously running since its creation that is still properly functioning. The rare few that have been running continuously have suffered from some type of memory degradation, and have become mindless violent creatures, attacking anything that gets to close to them. The few of these malfunctioning warforged that have been captured and restrained have been unrepairable, and communication has been impossible.

In this world, functioning warforged are a rarity, with perhaps a few hundred in existence. All of these warforged were found in an inactivate state and repaired by those who found them. None of them have any memory prior to their reactivation, but seemed to retain their basic skills. Because of this, there is only speculation on the exact history and origins of the warforged.

The functioning warforged live varied lives. Some have ordinary jobs, happily working in their chosen career. Some are adventurers. Some are soldiers or guards. It is a sign of opulence for a noble to have a warforged among their personal guard.

Some non-functioning warforged may be found in universities, museums, and private collections. Warforged have been discovered nearly everywhere in the world, suggesting that they were once very common and widespread. Most warforged were discovered alone. Some buried in a field, some frozen in ice and snow on a mountain, some half sunken in the mucky bottom of lakes, some slumped over in underground complexes. Most were still gripping tightly to their weapons.

Based on the ruins some have been found in, most scholars agree that Warforged were created some time after the fall of the Empire, during the long period where factions warred for control of Pavo.

The largest collection ever discovered, an entire legion of warforged, was in a massive underground tomb. This group was dubbed the “Iron Army”. Though none were functioning, they were all in seemingly fine condition, and still standing in perfect formation. Each one bore a golden eagle across its chest (OOC: Think the Terracotta Army of china, but with a distinct roman legion appearance). The discovery of this legion led to the term “Warforged” to describe the race.


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