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Razorclaw Shifters

Physical Characteristics

Shifters are born much more cat esk then human, as they grow their human characteristics start developing, full atomical change is achieved between the age of 3 and 5. Baby shifters bodies are completely covered in thick fluffy baby fur, this thick fur is also lost between the age of 3 and 5. When the baby hair is lost shifters are still completely covered in fur. A majority of shifters will start to lose hair on parts of their body, this happens thought life but is greatest between the ages of 5 and 18. The amount of hair that a given shifter has varies from fully fury to the typical amount found on human’s

In the rare case a shifters hands will not go through a change and they will have two fully functioning paws (pads, due claws the how sha-bang). An overwhelming majority of shifters hands do change though and this change achieves the basic look of human hands, with two minor exceptions. Coming out of their fingers just before their second knuckle they have a claw, this claw is about 3 inches long and can retract vary slightly. The second difference is small but important; their fingers are very fixable, with what might be construed as a double jointed thumb.

For some unknown reason shifters do not develop human feet in the slightest. They retain a four toed paw with claws and fur. Some shifters say that they’re hind paws are better suited for speed and balance then the long and cumbersome human feet. Humans often joke that shifters are only sneaky because they are always on their tippy toes. Just a quick note about tails most shifters have tails. These tales are not found to have any purpose. In some clans the tail is removed during the sarumonie of change.


Shifters first language is Mjá and then they are taught Common. The Language Mjá includes words, postures, movements (including “quick, fine” movements, made but not generally perceived by other races) and auditory/chemical signals. Shifters have a different set of vocal cords that they utilize when speaking the few words in the Mjá vocabulary. Therefore non-shifter have a strong accent if they try to use the language. There is also no written component to this language. Because of these factors outsiders do not view it as a viable language and tend not to learn it. Individuals that spend a lot of time around shifters tend to pick up the understanding of a couple words and postures. This is because without thinking about it shifters sometimes slide into Mjá. When shifters speak with each other they tend to sliding in and out of common and Mjá combining the two without thinking about it.


Shifters tend to live in small clans secluded form other races. . . more to come


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