Please pass the swamps

We spend some time counting our loot and getting our bearings in the swamp temple.

Boots of stealth: 1 pair to dawn, 1 pair to Eirlys. +2 item bonus to stealth checks.
Bracers of Brachiation (one trick pony)
Bracers of mental might: encounter power – when making a strength check can use wis Beriah
Iron armbands of power: George, probably
surefoot boots +2 item bonus to acrobatics check. daily power: stand up from prone for free
dagger of long range +2 (range of 20 without penalty) Kevnan. duh.
200 lizardmen currency bones (George. duh)

We are in the swamp temple. It’s swampy. It’s temple-y. It’s kind of aztec-y. There’s lots of stonework. It’s kind of like this but also not

Ben says, “Oh DEAR I might have use this” ominous clouds rolled across the sky. Indoors. That’s how scary it was.

The entrance is up about a six foot flight of stairs. On either side of the entrance are large lizard heads with water cascading out of them. Once inside, we can hear water moving around (like in pipes) towards the back you can tell there is water beneath pipes; it seems to be where the water from the lizard founts is coming from.
The chamber is dimly lit, mostly from the outer door, but there are also a pair of torches further back into the room.
Beriah has an overwhelming feeling of the magic of the place – coming from below. A quick exploration of some rooms on either side of the main chamber reveals nothing of particular interest, but towards the back of the temple there is a room with staircases going down on either side – they seem to be going down to the same area. It’s pretty dark – too dark to see down the stairs for everyone except Kevnan. He scouts quickly – there’s nothing of note at the bottom of the stairs, and says he can’t hear anything in the below chamber either. Eirlys listens intently and soon confirms this.
The party walks down the stairs quietly, being wary of George: he walks very slowly but can’t avoid some creaking and one or twice.

At the bottom of the stairs there are a set of ornate square wooden doors. (They open towards the adventurers) They are about a foot and a half thick, look sealed to be resistant to water, and also relatively well-maintained. There are a pair of big wrought iron handles at the seam. George hums a bit to himself, quietly; it sounds surprisingly like creaking doors.

Looking over at him in alarm, it’s revealed that the humming was actually George reaching into his chest cavity to pull out the ever-burning torch. Beriah lights it, and Eirlys presses her ear against the door. She hears a low thrumming noise on the other side. It feels like it’s coming from everywhere; she glances at George to make sure it’s not him but in a glance is reassured that it is coming from the room beyond. Beriah reaches out with her magical senses; there is definitely something going on on the other side. She can’t get a good sense of the room itself, but about forty feet in there is something- perhaps an artifact of great power- that is humming with magical energy. She suggests they go through -

George opens the door.

Light spills into the entryway – it is a bright green light. (George, after a pause, puts the torch away) It appears to be coming from some kind of device which resembles a three-dimensional celtic knot at the center of the room. Below the device is a throne, upon which sits an emaciated lizardman.
Beriah casts out her magical sense now that the source of the magic is visible – she can’t tell much about it, but notices that in her magical sense she can’t distinguish the lizard man from the device itself.

Thinking to speak to the creature, the adventurers walk into the room. They notice that it is very bare – the focal point really seems to be the artifact at the center, with somewhat of a geodesic dome shape. The lizard is still not responding to their presence – Kevnan hails him in draconic; his eyes shift to focus on kevnan but he gives no other response. He asks after his family, and generally tries to make conversatilon until the lizard looks away when he switches to insults, dances, sings – he gets a flick of attention but soon is ignored again.
Beriah tries to speak to the lizardman – asking his name illicits no responce, but gets his attention: She begins to speak of why they are there. Mentioning the stone spire blocking the trade route clearly gets his attention, and at it’s mention Beriah notices magic reaching out from the throne to the land, and around the adventuring party.
Noticing this, Beriah calls attention to it, saying that they are perfectly capable of defending themselves but hope that it does not come to that.
The lizard is taken aback, and (doubting Beriah’s sincerity) pushes up a wall between the adventurers and the throne.
Dawn shakes her head and sits down against the wall whittling with her spear and muttering about killing the lizard.
Beriah starts questioning him about the workings of his device, stalling as she gets a better and better idea of how the magic works. After not getting anywhere with the lizard, she consults her friends. It seems that they need to get the lizard off the throne, and start plotting towards that end. Beriah starts talking again to hold his attention.
Dawn pulls a grappling hook at the end of a 50 foot rope out of her magic robe, tossing the hook to Kevnan and handing the rope to George, instructing “Don’t. Let. Go.” George takes hold of the rope and nods.
Kevnan, very stealthily, climbs to the top of one of the pillars that appeared between the throne and the adventurers. He aims the grappling hook at the shoulder of the lizard, throwing it and making its mark. Upon landing he yells “Pull” and George starts winding the rope around his hand like a winch. Also at the signal Dawn runs towards the throne, intending to help pry the lizard off if necessary. Meanwhile, Eirlys gives George a hand; with her aid they pull the lizard free, Dawn soon taking a position between the lizard and the throne. The lizard slumps onto the ground.

Beriah runs to the dias, and after some quick examining, places her hand on one of the armrests. The room stops moving.
With some help from Eirlys, she sits onto the throne and sets the room to let them out and then sink into the ground. Then she removes the spire that was obstructing shipping lines.
Then they run away into the sunset.


benswope sprasarah

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