A Sting on the Docks

The Mooseman Cometh

The evening begins with the Adventurers gathering together around sunset at the warehouse after their adventures of the day, and approach the crate where they sealed Borlem. They find it sealed as tightly as they left it.
George “knocks” on the crate, slamming his hand against the side and causing it to rock a little bit in its place, the wood creaking slightly as it contorts against the form imposed on it. They adventurers hear some skittering, like a rat, from the inside of the box. They look at each other and acknowledge silently that the smell coming from the box is not very pleasant. The adventurers realize that maybe the fate the assigned to the rat man was less than kind, and debate the merits of providing him with various small morsels of food upon letting him out, hoping that perhaps such a show of goodwill would make the rat more willing to work with them, perhaps without the use of force.
After consulting Kevnan, they determined that perhaps such was a lost cause, and they should continue the use of force and intimidation to ensure the rat’s cooperation.
The plan is hatched: The adventurers, with the exception of Kevnan, will hide inside crates so that when the “goods” are delivered, they will be able to successfully follow its progress. Borlem will (theoretically) cooperate in exchange for his life.
George pries open the lid of the crate, and immediately a chunk of wood that had been crudely fashioned into a dagger bounces off his face. George is unfazed. He opens his arm blade, the metal ringing as it slides crisply out of it’s socket. “We’re back. You going to help us or not.”
Kevnan whispers a suggestion, frantically, jumping onto his shoulder in his anxiety. “we want the people he’s working for, not him. tell him tell him”
George complies, obediently. “show him your armblade, show him your armblade!” Kevnan squeaks, his excitment palpable. George moves his arm, letting the light glint off it.
Borlem looks distinctly worried “help you with what help you with what??!” he trembles in the corner of the box. “You will deliver the goods” George reminds him, upon kevnan’s prompting. “but I don’t have the goods”
“We will provide the goods.” George really mastered the threatening growl on the last sentence.

The adventurers procure some crates, even (after some finagling) one that would fit George. The guard helps a bit, saying “just bring them back tomorrow.” his face communicates that he really doesn’t want to know what they are doing. They rig the crates to open easily with one side, and the plan begins to take shape. They decide on a signal, for Kevnan to yell if things go wrong: the word “Moose” yelled by Kevnan. He demonstrates once, so that they will be sure to recognize it.

The sun sets, and the adventurers put their plan into effect. After a short amount of time, Kevnan can see a boat pull up to the docks, with a well dressed humanoid creature on it. It stops, the figure addresses Borlem, who is clearly distressed at his appearance. They exchange a few words, and Borlem asks for his payment. The figure scoffs, and makes it clear that Borlem won’t be paid until the goods are on the boat. After assuring the figure that all the goods are there, the figure comes off the boat, and traps Borlem in some kind of yellow magical thingy that seems to suck all the life out of him!
The adventurers, watching through holes in their boxes, wrack their brains for what such an ability might mean. Beriah realizes that the creature is a vampire and tries to warn kevnan, but the monster hears her whispers. Kevnan yells MOOSE after it becomes clear that it thinks there’s something in the boxes.
Dawn BURSTS out of her box in a dramatic show of acrobatics, smoothly gliding out so that the lid shut again after her exit. She jumps off Borlem’s head and flips, hitting the vampire with a tremendous blow to the chest and then following it up with a flurry of blows. Kevnan moves into action quickly afterwards, jumping onto the newly vacated crate and quickly shooting the now-undead Borlem twice in the shoulder. From inside her crate Eirlys summons her spirit companion next to Borlem. It rears up and smashes him with its sloth claws.
Combat continues, Beriah bursts out of her box with a cry, at which a wave of life bursts out around her and washes the dock with the power of the sun. Eirlys and Kevnan focus on the undead Borlem, and George first knocks over the dazed vampire, and then Dawn and George repeatedly attempt to restrain him. George ultimately succeeds, shortly before Borlem’s head explodes after a pair of well timed hits from Eirlys and Kevnan.
They speak to the vampire.
Dawn takes the lead, Beriah seething with anger at the presence of the undead, light flickering around the edges of her staff. “What is your name?” Dawn demands.
“Dayan.” replies the vampire.
“What use did you have with metalworking tools?”
“The uses of them to my lord are far beyond the ken of your feeble minds.”
Dayan continued to insult George and Dawn at their attempts to intimidate him. Watching this, Beriah becomes incredibly angry, stepping forward and grabbing the bare wrist of the creature. She floods his skin with radiant energy. “He’s not talking. May I kill him now?” his skin sizzles.
Dawn motions at her to wait. She complies, grudgingly, her eyes alight.
“Who do you work for?” Dawn demands.
Dayan attempts to summon the bravado he’d experienced before. “None other than the demon lord Orcus” he hisses, clearly in pain at Beriah’s tough.
“Now?” Beriah asks. “Fine” dawn permits.
Beriah summons all her strength and floods the vampire’s body with Radiant energy, continuing for a time after his body turned to dust.—


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