Welcome to Pavo!

Check out each of the sections in the tabs above. We won’t be using the Calendar since we already have Google Calendar for that, and we’ll only use the characters section if you all really want to maintain it, since we already have digital records of the characters elsewhere.

The Adventure Log section will be where I try to post summaries of our sessions after each one. Feel free to make your own posts as well. It’s a potential spot to put roleplaying side stories either from your past or among NPC’s in the present (so long as it doesn’t involve what we’re doing directly at the time or retcon anything I’ve previously stated in an unexplained way)

Also take a look at the wiki and get started building out the backstory of your character or any other part of our world. No limits on what you can write about, so long as it doesn’t belong to someone else. Generally, if someone creates the page or names it, they get to define it unless they say otherwise. This will mostly come up via character pages, so if you’re on your own character page you’re fine. If you’re not sure, just ask me.

Yes, there are forums for us to use. Feel free to have whatever kind of conversations you want in there. Official communications will be via e-mail, so don’t feel you have to check it if you don’t want to.

As for a map. Does anyone want to make a map for the world? I can give some basic dimensions and certain general things it should have. If not, I will probably try my hand at it at some point.


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