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The realm of Pavo is a fairly round oval bordered by massive mountains, called World’s Edge Mountains. These mountains have relatively calm foothills, but after a certain point, become entirely unclimbable either via near vertical inclines or harsh conditions such as snow and ice sheets that give way and cause massive avalanches at the slightest disturbance. Attempts had been made in the past to scale the mountains, but none who have tried have ever been seen or heard from again.

There are two sheer passes through the border mountains, one in the east, and one in the west. They are heavily guarded and only those with pressing business are allowed passage to the fortified port cities maintained on the vast oceans on the other side. These border guards are entirely independent of any internal political structures of the region.

The interior of Pavo is fairly calm. It has fairly normal Seasons, though winter’s are not that severe aside from the far northern and far southern regions. Summer’s are fairly temperate in most regions with only the southwestern desert region being much above 100 degrees (F).

It has fairly normal weather, which moves from west to east across the landscape. The spring has relatively stormy times with occasional severe weather such as lightning storms and tornadoes of some intensity.

There are wooded foothills coming down off of each of the mountains (except the desert southwest). Forests and plains are the primary biomes that will be encountered. There are rivers and streams and other water features throughout. Lakes are less frequent, but quite varied when they are encountered.


Pavo was once ruled by a great Empire. The empire was quite ancient, even predating some geological features in Pavo. The fact that some of their structures, such as the keep on the shadowfell, are still standing is attributable to their constant reuse throughout the ages, though some are just very well built or might even be magically reinforced.

This empire fell appropriately 2000 years ago. After the fall, there was a long period where factions warred for control of Pavo. Some claim to be remnants of the empire (sometimes at the same time as others) but that can never be confirmed as there are no written records that have survived from that time that scholars have uncovered. Many scholors believe that it was during this time of war and chaos that the Warforged were first created.


Pavo was once ruled by the ancient empire. After its fall, there have been several attempted tyrants and petty kings, but none has ever managed to take full control of more than a quadrant of Pavo’s land. There have been several attempts at more representative forms of government, but corruption in those systems (either mundane or magical) have usually resulted in uprising and sometimes infighting between factions.

About 40 years ago (from present day for the adventurers) the current ‘government’ of Pavo was formed. It is a loose collection of representatives from each faction that is large or powerful enough to be recognized by it’s neighbors that form a sort of council. That council fluctuates in size from year to year as various disputes dictate and political machinations lead to merging and acquisition of other factions. For the most part, the council operates on popular vote with strict Majority rule. The only actual government officials who are not these council members are attendants and minor bureaucrats in the central city. There is no unified military or guard commanded by the central government.


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