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Hey all, I’m going to put some basic stuff in here to give you a place to get started adding things into the wiki. Feel free to give it a better layout if you’ve got ideas for one. I’m just going to make some standard navigational link code to put at the top of pages, feel free to copy or modify it as you make pages: (click edit this page when signed in to see the code for it and copy it to the top when you make a new page)

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World information

The realm known to it’s residents as Pavo. A large geographical area surrounded by immense mountains on all sides, it has had a fairly undisturbed peace for at least a thousand years. Ancient history does record several great conflicts and wars and disasters that have befallen the people of Pavo through the years, but that changed over a thousand years ago, when the mountains the form the boundaries of the realm were formed during some massive disaster, the exact nature of which has been lost to time.

Otherwise, here’s some crude high level pages to start building off from. I hope to improve this page when I have more time.






Also, below is the default text that comes on the main page. I’ve left it here for reference in case you want it, but I’ll eventually remove it once we’ve gotten these pages more built out.

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