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The realm of Pavo is a fairly round oval bordered by massive mountains, called World’s Edge Mountains. These mountains have relatively calm foothills, but after a certain point, become entirely unclimbable either via near vertical inclines or harsh conditions such as snow and ice sheets that give way and cause massive avalanches at the slightest disturbance. Attempts had been made in the past to scale the mountains, but none who have tried have ever been seen or heard from again.
There are two sheer passes through the border mountains, one in the east, and one in the west. They are heavily guarded and only those with pressing business are allowed passage to the fortified port cities maintained on the vast oceans on the other side. These border guards are entirely independent of any internal political structures of the region.

There are wooded foothills coming down off of each of the mountains (except the desert southwest). The largest forest is in the northeast, and has some of the oldest trees in Pavo.

There are 2 main rivers that cross Pavo, all other rivers are tributaries of these two. The Axis River runs almost exactly north/south. The Lakewinde River runs a winding path from the Northwest and the Southeast and connects all the major inland seas. All of these major rivers flow towards the central sea in the middle of Pavo, and their dual headwaters are in the mountains.

Lakes & Seas
Pavo as 3 inland seas. The Northwest Sea, the Southeast Sea, and the Central Sea.
There are numerous lakes and smaller bodies of water scattered throughout that will be listed here as they come up:

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There are large stretches of mainly flat plains in the Northwest, Southwest (though now it is all be coming desert), and Southeast. The plains are home to a majority of the farmland in Pavo.

The interior of Pavo is fairly calm. It has fairly normal seasons, though winter’s are not that severe aside from the far northern and far southern regions. Summer’s are fairly temperate in most regions with only the southwestern desert region being much above 80 degrees (F).
It has fairly normal weather, which moves from west to east across the landscape. The spring has relatively stormy times with occasional severe weather such as lightning storms and tornadoes of some intensity.


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