Finding a path
Reverse ambush!

The Party has come upon a group of Kobolds lying in wait to ambush travelers on the road and nearly got the drop on some of them. Unfortunately they were spotted after someone stepped on a twig.

Several of the armored Kobolds engaged Stäl and George at the edge of the brush. Dawn moved to engage them, but was knocked unconscious by a sneaky Kobold from behind! Meanwhile, Eirlys pounced on a lone Kobold, then shifted and engaged the Kobold Wyrmpriest with her ranged abilities. Beriah hung back and laid into the Kobolds from afar, but unfortunately an untimely duck by a kobold lead to one of her attacks landing on Stal!
The party was taking a beating, but the kobolds began to fall. Stal brought Dawn back into the fight with a rune of mending. Eirlys froze one kobold that was trying to flee in place and it was shattered by it’s own momentum. George, seeing the opportunity to get some information from one of them, demanded the surrender of one badly beaten kobold, who had lost his weapon and now his will to fight. As it’s followers fell, the Wyrmpriest decided it was time to leave, and made a run for it. This did not go unnoticed though, and George charged in to stop him, with Eirlys finishing him off with another burst of frigid air!

With all remaining combatants defeated, the party turns it’s attention to the Kobold they have captured. Dawn ties him up. Beriah calms him down, as he was very scared and wasn’t very helpful otherwise. The party learns the location of their hideout, and that a ‘big scary goblin’ is leading them. After the interrogation, the party searched the area and remains for loot, and got 5gp 23sp as well as a Silver Necklace with a symbol of After some discussion the party decides to take the Kobold to Winterhaven and remand him to guard custody there.

The rest of the road to Winterhaven is uneventful. As you approach the town about mid morning, the guards stop you and ask about the Kobold. You fill them in on your exploits defeating the 2 Kobold ambush points. They thank you, and suggest you talk to the Lord of the town about the Kobold situation and direct you to his residence, as well as a few other places like the {inn} and guard barracks. They also send word ahead to the Lord to expect you.

After thanking the guards, the party escort’s their Kobold prisoner (who’s name is Kevnan) to see the Lord at his house. There are guards at the entrance to the Lord’s house, they mention that the other guards told them to expect you and let you pass. A servant lets you in, and escorts you to the reading room. Shortly you are joined by Lord Padraig, who introduces himself to you and asks to hear of your exploits. You explain how you encountered and defeated 2 Kobold ambushes, and learned of their goblin leader. You also mention the location of the hideout, as communicated by your prisoner. Lord Padraig accepted Kevnan as a prisoner and called for a guard to take him away to the jail. Padraig thanked you for defeating the ambushes and clearing those roads, and offered to pay your way at the inn for the evening in return. After a brief discussion, you agreed to attempt to deal with the kobold raiders and their goblin leader for Padraig, and he offers a monetary reward if you return with proof.

On your way to the inn, you stopped by Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe to sell the necklace you found. After a brief negotiation, he offers 80gp for it, which you accept.

The Road to adventure
Who are you people again?

Here’s a quick summary of our first session. If I forgot something, please let me know so I can include it.

We went around the table and established how each of your characters knew each other. Then went around and established how they knew Douven Staul.

The Journey itself started with each of the characters venturing out on the road towards Winterhaven in search of Douven Staul, who had reportedly ventured here to check out rumors of a dragon tomb. As they traveled, they slowly met up along the roads as they funneled towards Winterhaven and decided to band together towards their mutual destination. They had heard mention in an earlier outpost that Kobolds had recently stepped up their harassment of travelers to Winterhaven for unknown reasons.

While walking down the road to Winterhaven, Eirlys hears a noise from behind a nearby rock and approaches cautiously. Not knowing what lies on the other side, Dawn moves around to the other side of the rock from Eirlys and narrowly avoids sling bullet wizzing by her head and smashing into the rock nearby! Kobold ambush!

Eirlys and Dawn team up on one armored Kobold while Stäl and Beriah team up on the other. George charges right into the fray and starts cleaving through Kobolds left and right. The slinger who leads the band realizes that he bit off more than he can chew and starts backing off. Beriah sees this attempt at escape and slows him down so the party can catch him while finishing off the remaining Kobolds. Dawn then Stal then George all charge in to bring the slinger low, when a massive assault of radiant daggers from Beriah obliterates it!

Searching the bodies of their assailants, the party finds 36 sp in various coin and divides it amongst the group (7 sp 2cp per character). They were apparently not very successful bandits.

The party tracks the Kobold’s along the road. At the point where the tracks diverge from the road, the party debates continuing on to find the source of the Kobold raiders or continue on to the town, which is in sight already. They decide to track them down. Traveling all night and into the morning. The party circles around Winterhaven and discovers another path with another set of Kobold’s lying in ambush waiting for traveler’s. The Kobold’s spot them, and…. Session end.

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