Arrival in Lavol
Look under his beard for his name

Captain Mr. Dude is really happy with the service of the party.
We’re the best customers he’s had in a while! He is just really pleased. Really pleased.

The ship gets back underway.

Beriah goes immediately to bed, even though it’s still only late afternoon. She has really strange dreams about being a goblin, and George has a dog head, and Eirlys is a mushroom.
Then George throws all his little lizard bones into the ships gears and demands payment to fix it. Then there’s a giant bird-man who’s also a lawyer. And George asks Eirlys to stop hugging some juice with her mouth, then comments on the musical merits of some instrumental group called “inexess” while Kevnan dances.
They’re really weird dreams.

The Captain mentions that you’ll be in the next port by mid-morning the next day; he’s accelerated a bit to make up for the time lost when they were blocked by the big spire thing.

Dinner is lightly attended due to the captain pulling an extra shift trying to make up for lost time. Several other passengers comment that they are surprised at how fast he’s gotten the boat going.

During the night, Kevnan reinacts the bardic tale of the naval tragedy pavotanic, starring the dashing hero Leonardo diPavio. thirteen times, while george watches and sketches him.

When Beriah wakes up and remembers her dreams, she meditates on them for a bit and theorizes that her dreams became increasingly bizarre the further east they got. She tunes herself to the magical ambience of the landscape: the feel from the northwest is one of order and structure, while the The southwest has a feeling of sicklyness. The Northeast is clearly filled with chaos and undead and disorder. She is pretty sure that these are related to the status of the pillars in each quadrant. Realizing this, she reaches out to the southeast, but is unable to get any sort of reading.

Checking with the Captain, he confirms to the party that they are on track to arrive in the next town around mid-morning.

Kevnan entertains some of the guards with theatrical account of their encounters with the lizardmen (playing all of the parts himself, naturally) although he embellishes the exploits to include several past encounters with lizard females. The Guards are mostly just impressed that the lizardmen were around at all, they are apparently usually rather reclusive.
Eirlys, watching, raises her eyebrows at Kevnan’s accounts of his, um, conquests. He gets quite a bit of attention from the guards though, and his performance leads her to conclude that he must have been quite popular among his native Kobold tribe.
Soon the discussion becomes too ribald for her taste, though, so she turns and walks away.

Soon enough the boat docks in the city of Lavol.

Unbidden, Dawn has a flashback of learning about the naming squabbles for this particular city. The history of the name was quite complex, and full of intrigue, but mostly arguing.
possibly this is bidden by all of the arguing happening in the crowded port, as the deckhand maneuvers the boat into place (with a couple near misses, which the captain reassures them is business as usual for this port)
There are 2 trade companies, one of them is a smaller branch of a company they saw in Lyrica, and another is a smaller company that is headquartered here. (Lavol is about half the size of Lyrica)

The boat docks successully; it seems to be considerable more maneuverable than some of the other riverboats, and ride higher in the water. Regardless, it is now docked.

As it’s docking, Kevnan looks up at where the mask would be and laments that he can’t climb a mast and be captain Jack Kevnan.

The dock itself is very busy; although the population is smaller than lyrica there is considerably less space to maneuver in. Kevnan immediately spots some pickpockets.

As the boat is finally tied up and secure, the Captain announces that the boat will be docked for one day – it will be leaving early afternoon tomorrow. Kevnan, asking, learns that of the ports the captain frequents he is least likely to step off his ship in this one.

George mentions his intentions to start a fight club.

This region is a little more heavily forested than the region that lyrica was in.
There’s one paved road out of the city that eventually links up with a larger trade network, and a couple of dirt roads that go various places (including a hunting lodge), all through fairly deep forest.
The importance of the city to the consortium can be gauged by how many roads the city has, and this is a one-road-town.

As they step out onto the dock, george says “somebody touched my butt.” Everyone ignores him.

Kevnan keeps looking for criminal types; he wants to find their hideout without them noticing him.

Beriah is going to look for a temple. She sees a spire in the distance and heads towards it along the narrow, crowded streets.

George walks around, heading in the direction of anything he finds interesting, and eventually ends up in a shop with shrunken heads and shark fetuses preserved in formaldehyde.

Eirlys wanders around taking in the town (keeping an eye on her wallet)

Dawn flows through the crown like water, curiously investigating her surroundings

Beriah reaches the temple and steps inside. It is (like many consortium temples) multi-deic, with a fairly large and well-tended shrine to Avandra. Beriah lights some incense to Avandra, and takes some time to meditate at each of the other shrines.
There are quite a few shrines; each major good deity has an alcove, and there are a few to unaligned deities as well. She spends some time going through all of the shrines, and eventually stops to converse with the priest overseeing the temple. It arises in conversation that Beriah hasn’t had contact with Kesha, and would like to converse with it; over the course of conversation she gains some insight into how she might be able to commune with the Lion, which she endeavors to do.

George happens upon a curiosity shop. To enter the shop he walks downstairs, almost not noticing the sign because it is obscured by the railing to the stairs.
The shop is mostly empty; there’s maybe one other customer rummaging around for some exotic good, which is a feat since the shelves are even more filled with crap than Geoff’s curiosity shop.
Despite the strange surroundings the owner (a dwarf) continues to stare at George unabashedly, his graying, scraggly beard hiding the fact that his mouth is open in surprise.
George, after some time, notices the Dwarf. He walks over to him, peering all around the man (rather awkwardly).
The dwarf looks at him strangely.
George continues looking, lifting up the dwarf’s beard, continue to scrutinize his proximity. Eventually he stops, leans in and peers closely at the dwarf. “What is your name?”
“Zanorin Ironhouse. Proprietor of Ironhouse Curiosities.”
George nods sagely, and stands up.
“My word, I have never seen one of your kind in civilized lands before. It is indeed a strange thing that you are here.” Zanorin volunteers.
“I haven’t seen a dwarf since I was in the mountainhome Monstad.” George replies.
“Ah! You’ve been to Monstad? How was your journey from there? It is quite a distance.”
“It was swell. I rode a boat, and fought some lizardmen. I got some lizardbones. Would you like some lizardbones?”
“Oh, a trade! Well, I could have a look.” he takes out a fancy magnifying monocle on a chain, and George hands him his bone bag.
Taking a piece out of the pouch, Zanorin examines it closely. “Well, this is certainly lizardmen currency.” he sets it down. “There isn’t an exchange rate for lizardmen currency, but I could perhaps offer you a trade.”
“I have some other currency if you are interested” George takes out the old banknotes that he found in the chest, and hands them to the dwarf, who takes them (looking interested). “Oh! I have never seen anything much like this, but I recognize some of the symbols. They are not worth much to collectors these days, but these I could exchange for some gold if you would like it.”
“hmmm.” George hums, machine-like. “I would be interested.”
Zanorin takes out a large (very large) ledger and looks through it. “I have a collector I could sell about half of this to. I can offer 50 gold.”
George looks… like george. “I will consider it”
“OR” Zanorin offers, “I could offer more if you’re willing to take it in store credit.”
“Hmmm.” George hums again, “May I look around the shop?”
“Sure, go ahead. Do you have anything else you’d like to offer?”
George rummages around in his chest cavity and produces an old shriveled beet.
THIS” George says, obviously enamored of his treasure.
“Well that is certainly an old beet.”
“It used to be a fat beet.” George says.
“Uh-huh” Zanorin doesn’’t seem interested, but George doesn’t seem to notice. “Go ahead and look around!” he prompts. George nods, attempting to be sagely but falling short.
He searches each corner of the shop systematically (trying to make up for his lack of observation skills), and eventually finds an odd-shaped tablet with a flaming heart “tattooed” onto it – it’s not painted, it’s not embossed, it is somehow impressed upon it.
He also sees several figurines. There’s a horse, a soldier in armor, and an ox. The man-shaped statue is carved out of a smokey jade; the ox seems to be cut from gemstones, and the horse is carved out of green jade.
George gathers all of these things together and takes them to the counter.
“Iron[mumble], friend, I am interested in these items”
Zanorin glances over them. “oh, I’ve had that tablet forever. I would definitely trade these lizard bones for that tablet.”
“What about these statues?”
“Oh I don’t know if I could part with all of those statues. I know I could sell the banknotes, but only for the value of one of those statues.”
“What about all of the lizardbones and the banknotes for two statues?”
“ummm, I don’t think I could do that.”
George offers the beat; Zanorin turns him down. George looks disappointed.
He appraises the statues. “I accept. I would like the ox” George also hands him a piece of copper, slightly flattened in his grip.
“That will do”
“Thank you, beardman!”
“You’re quite welcome”
George departs with his new treasures. On his way out, he finds a copper on the ground.

Kevnan’s pursuit of the pickpockets continues well; his mark remains completely unaware that he’s being followed.

Dawn quickly gets bored just wandering around and goes looking for trouble. She’s aware of the moderate criminal element in the city, and considers attempting to pickpocket a pickpocket. She thinks through some of the consequences and decides that her take would probably not be worth killing some poor street urchin over if he noticed her.

Kevnan follows his quarry into his shabby apartment, and climbs up into the human’s window (without anyone noticing, which is impressive given that it is a second story window).

Kevnan hops in, noticing his modest surroundings, disappointed that he hasn’t found the robust criminal element that he’s been looking for.
Kevnan peeks into the window, watching the fellow. He is just resting, quietly going through what he found for the day. Kevnan notices a rather nice ring, and admires the skill it would’ve taken to get a ring off of someone’s finger.
He seems to be a good thief, but not very wealthy.
Kevnan continues watching, disappointed that he hasn’t discovered the criminal element he was looking for. He sighs, and takes 30 gp, puts it in a bag, and hangs it on his doornob. Then he lurks away.
Pav-man, strikes again.

Dawn continues looking for either someone to help, or someone to destroy. She wants to find someone on the edge. For the most part though, everyone just is going about their business. Still bored, she goes to find an alchemy lab.


Gold Totals for this week:
Beriah: 640.85 gp
Dawn: 706.91 gp
Eirlys: 182.85 gp
George: 315.8 gp
Kevnan: 105 gp

Please pass the swamps

We spend some time counting our loot and getting our bearings in the swamp temple.

Boots of stealth: 1 pair to dawn, 1 pair to Eirlys. +2 item bonus to stealth checks.
Bracers of Brachiation (one trick pony)
Bracers of mental might: encounter power – when making a strength check can use wis Beriah
Iron armbands of power: George, probably
surefoot boots +2 item bonus to acrobatics check. daily power: stand up from prone for free
dagger of long range +2 (range of 20 without penalty) Kevnan. duh.
200 lizardmen currency bones (George. duh)

We are in the swamp temple. It’s swampy. It’s temple-y. It’s kind of aztec-y. There’s lots of stonework. It’s kind of like this but also not

Ben says, “Oh DEAR I might have use this” ominous clouds rolled across the sky. Indoors. That’s how scary it was.

The entrance is up about a six foot flight of stairs. On either side of the entrance are large lizard heads with water cascading out of them. Once inside, we can hear water moving around (like in pipes) towards the back you can tell there is water beneath pipes; it seems to be where the water from the lizard founts is coming from.
The chamber is dimly lit, mostly from the outer door, but there are also a pair of torches further back into the room.
Beriah has an overwhelming feeling of the magic of the place – coming from below. A quick exploration of some rooms on either side of the main chamber reveals nothing of particular interest, but towards the back of the temple there is a room with staircases going down on either side – they seem to be going down to the same area. It’s pretty dark – too dark to see down the stairs for everyone except Kevnan. He scouts quickly – there’s nothing of note at the bottom of the stairs, and says he can’t hear anything in the below chamber either. Eirlys listens intently and soon confirms this.
The party walks down the stairs quietly, being wary of George: he walks very slowly but can’t avoid some creaking and one or twice.

At the bottom of the stairs there are a set of ornate square wooden doors. (They open towards the adventurers) They are about a foot and a half thick, look sealed to be resistant to water, and also relatively well-maintained. There are a pair of big wrought iron handles at the seam. George hums a bit to himself, quietly; it sounds surprisingly like creaking doors.

Looking over at him in alarm, it’s revealed that the humming was actually George reaching into his chest cavity to pull out the ever-burning torch. Beriah lights it, and Eirlys presses her ear against the door. She hears a low thrumming noise on the other side. It feels like it’s coming from everywhere; she glances at George to make sure it’s not him but in a glance is reassured that it is coming from the room beyond. Beriah reaches out with her magical senses; there is definitely something going on on the other side. She can’t get a good sense of the room itself, but about forty feet in there is something- perhaps an artifact of great power- that is humming with magical energy. She suggests they go through -

George opens the door.

Light spills into the entryway – it is a bright green light. (George, after a pause, puts the torch away) It appears to be coming from some kind of device which resembles a three-dimensional celtic knot at the center of the room. Below the device is a throne, upon which sits an emaciated lizardman.
Beriah casts out her magical sense now that the source of the magic is visible – she can’t tell much about it, but notices that in her magical sense she can’t distinguish the lizard man from the device itself.

Thinking to speak to the creature, the adventurers walk into the room. They notice that it is very bare – the focal point really seems to be the artifact at the center, with somewhat of a geodesic dome shape. The lizard is still not responding to their presence – Kevnan hails him in draconic; his eyes shift to focus on kevnan but he gives no other response. He asks after his family, and generally tries to make conversatilon until the lizard looks away when he switches to insults, dances, sings – he gets a flick of attention but soon is ignored again.
Beriah tries to speak to the lizardman – asking his name illicits no responce, but gets his attention: She begins to speak of why they are there. Mentioning the stone spire blocking the trade route clearly gets his attention, and at it’s mention Beriah notices magic reaching out from the throne to the land, and around the adventuring party.
Noticing this, Beriah calls attention to it, saying that they are perfectly capable of defending themselves but hope that it does not come to that.
The lizard is taken aback, and (doubting Beriah’s sincerity) pushes up a wall between the adventurers and the throne.
Dawn shakes her head and sits down against the wall whittling with her spear and muttering about killing the lizard.
Beriah starts questioning him about the workings of his device, stalling as she gets a better and better idea of how the magic works. After not getting anywhere with the lizard, she consults her friends. It seems that they need to get the lizard off the throne, and start plotting towards that end. Beriah starts talking again to hold his attention.
Dawn pulls a grappling hook at the end of a 50 foot rope out of her magic robe, tossing the hook to Kevnan and handing the rope to George, instructing “Don’t. Let. Go.” George takes hold of the rope and nods.
Kevnan, very stealthily, climbs to the top of one of the pillars that appeared between the throne and the adventurers. He aims the grappling hook at the shoulder of the lizard, throwing it and making its mark. Upon landing he yells “Pull” and George starts winding the rope around his hand like a winch. Also at the signal Dawn runs towards the throne, intending to help pry the lizard off if necessary. Meanwhile, Eirlys gives George a hand; with her aid they pull the lizard free, Dawn soon taking a position between the lizard and the throne. The lizard slumps onto the ground.

Beriah runs to the dias, and after some quick examining, places her hand on one of the armrests. The room stops moving.
With some help from Eirlys, she sits onto the throne and sets the room to let them out and then sink into the ground. Then she removes the spire that was obstructing shipping lines.
Then they run away into the sunset.

The swamp-bog temple of the lizardmen
George of the Jungle

The party steps off the boat onto the spire, making their way over the low vegetation that covers the landscape. There’s a small stream trickling into the river; they decide to follow it up into the hills. Dawn pauses, and sniffs the air. “There’s something in off to the side, in the higher plants.” She points it out to her companions.
“Should we light it up?” Beriah asks, looking around. They deliberate for a moment; deciding that they would rather attack first, Dawn throws a spear, tidily piercing through it’s armor with little trouble. Within moments, it becomes clear that the creature was not alone; another five of them step into view on both sides and slightly ahead. With the greater visibility, Eirlys immediately recognizes them as green-scaled lizard people; a draconic-speaking swamp-dwelling race notable for their xenophobia. She remembers that they haven’t been seen in this area for some time, but also notes that there haven’t been people coming in and out of this swamp for some time. She pauses, “It’s unlikely they want to just talk.”
They all look around, and ready themselves for the assault.
Kevnan quickly springs into acting, readily stabbing one of the nearby lizardmen. Dawn steps in beside him, and throws an alchemist fire; it bursts into a bubble of flame, singing two of the lizardmen and turning the undergrowth between them into a flaming mass. Luckily the vegetation is damp enough that the fire doesn’t spread.
Angered, a pair lizardman strides at Dawn and Kevnan and hits them as hard as their skill allows. Another, taking advantage of the moment, steps towards Beriah but his blow glances off her mail. He’s taken aback, and moves away. George charges at him, head down, sword drawn, attempting to stick the offending lizard with all the spikes he can. He succeeds, barreling so hard that he knocks it back into the undergrowth.
Their mystic doesn’t let this stand, and casts a blob of sickly green energy at Kevnan and Dawn, poisioning them and leaving them in a daze. Eirlys steps up, summons her spirit companion, between a pair of the lizardmen. A pair of panther shaped energies shoot out of her and drive through the lizardmen and then into her companion: hurting them and empowering the spirit, it growls and the two lizards shake in fear.

After a good battle, the lizards fall.

Geroge swings to the jungle

The Spire blocks the way
Kevnan and George shop at Footlocker

The guards managed by themselves pretty well, so after you paste the crawd to the deck there is no remaining threat.
“Well if they’re so great, why don’t they save the world themselves?” Kevnan wonders. “Wait are they our Anti-Party?” He seems excited at the prospect. The rest of the party looks baffled.
The guards, having dispatched their portion of the threat, take up their defensive positions around the boat. The party engages in some banter as they realize they won’t be taken by surprise easily again. Eirlys brags that nothing ever escapes her notice anyway. “I knew they were there last time, anyway. I dreamed about them. So I knew: I was just asleep.” Kevnan throws a dagger at Eirlys. It misses, naturally. George laughs.
The Captain is happy to see them when they come across him as they are cleaning off belowdecks. He makes sure they are aware that they have the run of the ship (while the other passengers are confined to their rooms and a few common areas.) They see Carla in one of the common rooms, and ask her how the sale of the goat went. “Oh, I got a fair price for him” she says. “But I am a bit sad to see him go. He was good company.” The party engages in some small talk, while Dawn stretches and yawns. She decides she wants a catnap, and goes to find an empty room to sleep in. They realize they need to decide on sleeping arrangements after she leaves, and take some time convincing George to not go back to the same room he had slept before (as it had been given to a few new passengers that had been taken on)
Dinner happens, they notice a few new passengers but several merchants eat in their own rooms (having brought their own food and servants to prepare it along with their entourage) which raises several eyebrows but the Captain deftly steers conversation away from the subject before anyone makes comments. Dinner is nice, the discount continues from our food basket and George not sleeping.
Sleep happens, in some configuration. George has a nightmare but by the time he’s conscious he doesn’t remember it. The ship putters along, everything is peaceful
The basket produces peaches at breakfast and they are delicious. Kevnan is especially delighted to eat them with cream; fortunately most of the food spills on his clothes and Beriah is able to clean it off without him noticing. George collects a couple of peach pits before anyone notices and tells him not to (although then they realized they’d disappear anyway and probably didn’t need to bother.) Dawn supplements her meal with a few fresh fish that she catches with her cloak-summoned fishing pole.
After breakfast the adventurers head to the decks, and Eirlys first notices that there are clouds rolling in from every direction. In a few hours it is completely overcast, and foggy (which seems to perturb Captain) At this point Eirlys realizes there is something wrong, she is very on edge and snaps at several people. They are summoned by a guard “The Captain would like to speak to you on the bridge” he leaves quickly, George sputtering something about not meaning to kill the goat and Kevnan looking rather guilty.
When the reach the bridge, the Captain enumerates his annoyance with the fog. It makes navigating the river significantly more difficult and dangerous, and will slow their pace down considerably. He mentions that he needs several people to keep watch for hazards, needing as many eyes as he can to watch out for hazards. Eirlys volunteers immediately, making a comment about her ace powers of perception. Dawn, calculating she could probably get away with fishing at the same time, volunteers as well. They are sent to the bow, each on one corner with a guard in the middle. Beriah asks if there are any other tasks that need doing – the captain mentions that they could use some relays between various points in the ship. Beriah agrees to this. She runs the first dispatch, and on the way back decides to check if the fog is magical at all. With some concentration she realizes there is a faint tinge of magic in the mist, and with a bit more effort thinks it’s coming from up ahead, on the right bank. She quickly mentions this both to Dawn and Eirlys, and then runs back to the Captain to let him know. Hearing this Kevnan goes towards the prow, on the right side, alert for any sort of danger. George follows, slightly more towards the center.
The fog is getting thicker; it’s more difficult to see. Eirlys notices a shallow log in the water but calculates that the boat is going to miss it safely; Beriah runs this to the captain and then takes a post in the middle of the prow. The fog continues to intensify.
Dawn notices something lurking down in the water, but doesn’t know what it is. Beriah tries to read the magic again, but doesn’t get any better sense of the source of it. Beriah runs news of something slightly to the right, and the captain slows down to avoid it. As they pass it, Dawn watches it. When they get closer dawn sees a floating raft of debris – it seems more substantial than that though, so there must be something the detritus stuck too. No one can tell what it is, though, but it’s not alive. George readies a rope as it passes, securing it quickly around Kevnan’s waist. “Fastball special?” Kevnan asks. George throws him onto the mass, holding tightly onto the edge of the rope. Kevnan tumbles awkwardly through the air, slightly missing the chunk of debris. He quickly paddles onto and manages to scramble onto it. The rope is running out fairly quickly as he searches through the pile of muck and rotting vegetation. He finds a square chunk of rope, latches on, and gives a quick shout. He holds on for dear life as George hauls him back.
At this point Dawn and the guard both notice a large, solid, immobile thing coming up ahead and to the right, Beriah running back to the captain and Eirlys running over to the thing to try to see what it is.
The Captain decides to slow the boat down, and manages to stop it before it runs into a large stone spine that juts out from the shore. The Captain is upset, because the stone spine has never been there before and he made the trip last MONTH.
George continues to haul Kevnan back, one of the guards who were watching the antics of the lizard and robot runs Down to grab the side of the wooden square to take some of the burden off George as he attempts to get them over the edge. He lands sopping on the deck, for the first time noticing the Captain’s curses coming from the bridge as he, the deckhand, and one of the guards try to decide what to do about this obstacle. It’ll take at least 15 minutes to clear the spire. They want to set up some kind of buoy system to warn future boats but don’t have enough barrels to set up a lane. The Captain turns to Beriah and asks if the spire has anything to do with the magical presence she felt earlier. Having dismissed the possibility before, she takes a moment to concentrate again, and more clearly (probably because they’ve stopped moving) she’s able. She opens her eyes and looks the Captain in the face. “Indeed it is. I had not thought so earlier. If you could wait for us, we can go get more information. Perhaps we can clear the spire, or at least the fog.” The captain agrees, reluctant to wait but willing to give them several hours before departing. Beriah goes to tell Dawn and Eirlys, and they head back to the rear of the ship to gather Kevnan and George.

. . . Lizard boy after a couple attempts opens the lock and eats some bugs. Unfortunately the lid is rusted on. Robo pops off the lid with a lizard clinging to the top. When the foot locker opens it has been sealed air tight with wax. (the very former owner wanted to keep the contents dry when it fell into the river). The lizard reaches in and pulls out a large six sided die made of bone.

Kevnan, with the die in one hand, reaches back into the box. He pulls out what seems to be a long string. From his excited chatter she gathers that it’s a bowstring. Withdrawing, happy with his finds, steps away from the foot locker. George steps forward and reaches in, pulling out a dusty but elaborately tooled horn that looks as if it is fitted to be a musical instrument. Pleased with himself, he also pulls out a delicately carved onyx figurine of a dog, as well as a roll of banking documents. As far as anyone knows, they have no value.

George turns to wave at the guard at the front and starts waving and shouting, at which point the rest of the party happens upon them and ask what’s up. “Hey what’d you find?” Beriah inquires.
“nothing. We pulled up a piece of wood.” Kevnan says. He curls in on himself, looking a bit off. She turns to George. “OK” she says. “There was a dog in it!” George says. This doesn’t make sense. “In the wood?” She clarifies. “There were some poison gasses in the wood I think it got to him” Remembering that George doesn’t breathe, she clarifies with Kevnan “There was gas in the wood?” Kevnan continues to mutter explanations to Beriah’s raised eyebrows, until George interrupts him. “LOOK WHAT I FOUND!” He thrusts the dog statue, with the horn on it as a hat, towards Beriah. “oh very pretty!” Beriah observes. She takes a moment to quickly tell Kevnan and George about their exploratory mission and then shuffle everyone onto the dinghy, and head towards the shore. On the boat, she examines the dog and horn, while Dawn starts to pester Kevnan about the objects he’s obviously cradling in his hand. “So what you got there?” she asks. “nothin’” he maintains. “oh come on. I can see you have something there.” He glares at her, resentful of her attention, and tries to scurry away before he realizes that the dinghy is very small.
Beriah has finished examining the dog now, and turns to Dawn, just as Kevnan is holding out the string. “don’t pester him” she says.
“Well he’s obviously lying. He’s got something. More than this, even.”
“I know, but he’s probably got reasons. Leave him alone.”
Kevnan makes a noise, gloating. “Don’t be a jerk about it.” Beriah says.
“oh. Do you want to play dice?” he asks Dawn. She goes to rummage through her cloak. “What kind of game? she asks?” he caves, and hold out her treasure. Beriah gets a good look at it, and is able to tell them all what it is, as well as the string as Kevnan ties the dice around his neck (realizing that rolling it now would be a waste of its power.)
The boat bumps against the shore.
Gold Totals for this week:
Beriah: 640.85 gp
Dawn: 706.91 gp
Eirlys: 182.85 gp
George: 315.8 gp
Kevnan: 135 gp

Sailing Away from Lyrica
Battle of the Craw-Daddy

The Captain welcomes the party back on board the “Saint Anne”, Everyone but George immediately notices that the boat is riding a little bit lower because of all the extra people and cargo.
George, however, is making a strangely melodic humming noise and seems to be oblivious to everything going on around him.

The Saint Anne departs, the party hanging out on the top deck to watch the city as it recedes into the distance. However, only just after it has sucessfully navigated out of the city channel and is nearly into the main river way when you hear a thumping noise on the sides and bottom of the ship that George recognizes is familiar. At least, though, the captain is a bit more aware of it this time; he looks immediately alarmed. The Party looks up to see a group of crawds that have ridden the wheel up and landed on the top deck, clacking their claws menacingly.
One of them looks particularly menacing. Fortunately Eirlys with her astute nature skills immediately recognizes the characteristics of a creature that is naturally adept at leading others of its kind, and the name of the beast. “A Crawd king! Kill that one!”

As if in response to the call, the Crawd king draws itself up, skitters forward, points his claws at Eirlys and George, and makes a strange invertibrate trumpeting sound.
Dawn (as is not surprising) is having none of this. She flies across the battlefield in one mighty leap and rams into the crawd with claws drawn, and tail bristling. The creature hardly has time to reel from the onslaught before Kevnan springs up and throws his dagger deftly, slicing off several of the beasts limbs.

The other beasts are enraged by the roars of pain from their leader, and in their fervor scuttle up to Dawn and slice her with all their might. One notices Kevnan, and with a thunderous patter runs up and slices with its claws at Kevnan, who is prepared and deftly ducks the attack. Finally George reaches the battle, having been running towards the group since Dawn first engaged, charging into the beast and flipping it onto it’s back to wave all its remaining spindly appendages in the air uselessly.

The beasts turn to the new attacker, closing around the steaming metal man, but only half manage to find chinks in the Warforged’s metal skin; just in time for Eirlys’ Antlered Sloth-Bear to materialize behind the king and neatly crack open the shell of the Craw King, exposing it’s insides. As if acting in concert, Beriah follows this with an invocation that calls fire to burn within the carapaces of the monsters ringing George; their chitin shells bubbling and cracking from the heat that seems to emanate from within them.

The battle continues, dawn kicking and flying, a whirlwind of claws, George a behemoth of metal, crushing the beasts with his blows, Eirlys dancing at the edge of the field, watching the creatures with two sets of eyes in concert with her spirit companion, Kevnan a flurry of knives, and Beriah chanting the name of Avandra. After the death of the king, the scurrying creatures bear down with abandon.

One of Kevnan’s knives grazes George; he does a little dance even though he missed his primary target.

Dawn is grappled and faints, the battle seems to be turning against the adventurers! Fortunately, the creature lets go of her (thinking her dead) and moves past Eirlys’ spirit. The creature swipes and flares with energy, hitting the creature and healing Dawn simultaneously. Soon afterward Beriah scores a hit to the heart of one of the beasts, and the tide turns back to the adventurers, despite their wounds. Newly bolstered, they dispatch the critters in short order.

Bleeding and tired, the adventurers look around and run below decks to check on the crew. They find that the guards (taken on in Lyrica) had dispatched the remaining Crawd.
Gold Totals for this week:
Beriah: 640.85 gp
Dawn: 706.91 gp
Eirlys: 182.85 gp
George: 315.8 gp
Kevnan: 135 gp

Departure From Lyrica
Party Woo Party Yeah

Our party begins on the docks. Woo Party! Party yeah party woo.
Dawn leaves a carved moose from her cloak at the end of the dock, and they quickly dump Borlem’s body into the river and escape back into the sewers.
Back in the warehouse, they exchange cursory words with a sleepy guard before heading back to the boat.
Party woo Party yeah. We’re welcomed back to the boat by the deckhand; we still have individual rooms but there are a few more people on the boat, so we may need to consolidate before tomorrow’s departure. Party woo, Party yeah.
On a related note, it seems like trade is about normal – which is somewhat surprising considering the undead invasion happening in the south. There haven’t been any noticable changes in the quality of life, although The Board of Directors of the Lyran mercantile consortium have a trade embargo on the northwest quadrant of Pavo.
The evening is uneventful, everyone gets a full night of rest including Kevnan even though he got really drunk, drinking a flagon of ale that is as large as his head, and started to prattle to anyone who would listen about how he fought a vampire. Summarily, he passes out in the corner and has some crazy dreams which he is convinced actually happened. Party, woo, party, yeah.
In the morning, George rises early and goes to seek out the street man to sell him his vampire dust. He somehow manages to find him.
“Dave! hey Dave”
“Who’s Dave?”
“Hello Dave”
“Hello, weird metal-man. What do you want”
“I have something you may be interested in” he opens his chest cavity in a way that he imagines to be suave and mysterious, but falls short of it’s goal. “It’s vampire dust” he brings out a moth-eaten, dirty blanket filled with vampire dust.
“Ok, let me try it” he licks his finger and points it towards the blanket, slowly getting closer.
“what?” george says
“well, I have to test it to see that it’s real”
“ok” George looks a little suspicious, but lets ‘Dave’ poke his finger into the dust, bring it to his nose and sniff, and then lick a little bit off. Woo party yeah.
“Yup that tastes about right.”
He offers to buy it from George for 150 gold, saying “It’s a pretty good deal! It’s fresh.”
George thinks a moment. “What about the blanket?” he narrows his eye-slit shrewdly.
“I don’t need your blanket I have a pouch – I have a pouch – I have a pouch right here” He stutters as he reaches for his pouch and it swings out of his way, only managing to continue with his sentence after he makes contact with the pouch.
“Ok” says George. He takes the money. “I hope our paths cross again someday”
“You’re weird.” the man who George calls Dave says, before walking away.
(Party, Woo, Party Yeah)
By the time the rest of the party is awakening, George is back on the boat. They head over to Geoff’s to check on his progress. His shop opens right about nine, the party gets there a few minutes early. Geoff arrives shortly, he looks a little bit groggy (party woo) but visibly brightens when he notices George clunking around outside the door. He waves them in, excitedly.
“I’m glad you all are here! I had a little extra time and I managed to finish them all last night!” He places the amulets on the counter.
George wants a hug – Geoff complies happily. George manages to not hurt him, although it was maybe slightly tighter than was comfortable. Party yeah.
Geoff sees them out, and invites them to return anytime! They thank him for his excellent work, and move on to their next errand.
Kevnan buys his kink gear (battle harness leather armor) with a bit of help from Beriah.
Beriah makes a final report the insurance adjustor, and then goes to a guards office to make a more thorough report about the connection of the stolen goods to the cult of Orcus. The Guards thank her and tell her that they’ll take it from here. Party woo, party yeah.
After the boat departs, she begins the transfer enchantment from her colleagues chosen magic items to the stones, in order to fit them into the amulets.
Eirlys goes back to her magic bond, attempting to commune with the nature spirit again. Dawn accompanies her; George offers but is bluntly rebuffed.
They walk past Totesma’s goat farm; Eirlys waves at him. He squints a bit, and then waves back. Then goes to chase a goat. Party woo, party yeah. “Maaaa” the goat says.
They reach the pond. The weather is pretty nice for midsummer (approaching the summer solstice); it’s not too hot. Dawn decides against fishing in the pond, correctly ascertaining that neither the spirit of the place nor Eirlys would be very happy with her for doing so.
Eirlys again attempts to commune with the spirit of this place, summoning her spirit companion and watching through its eyes as it walks out into the middle of the lake. The spirit companion is stronger, brighter, and more focused than it usually looks.
Eirlys, through her spirit companion, can sense that the spirit is accepting her attempt to contact it, and watches as it rises from the center of the lake, taking the shape of a giant glowing ram. She (as her spirit companion) takes a step back. The rest of the spirit world dims around them, and it seems that for the moment they are at the center of the world.
Dawn, meanwhile, can see none of this, and remains sitting on the bank, lounging a bit as Eirlys sits in a trance-like state. Party woo, party yeah.
The spirit communicates with Eirlys, welcoming her to the path of spirits. She can sense an inquisitiveness in it’s address – he is wondering what brought her to this place.
She replies with her curiosity – she’s never seen a place like this before, and was naturally drawn to it. She communicates that there are no places like this where she’s from, and even less now that her homeland is under threat from the undead of the demon lord. The Ram snorts in acknowledgement; communicating his awareness of the growing darkness in the north.
The Ram asks for some assurance of the truth of Eirlys’ purpose, to which she replies with an outpouring of memories from the previous day, of healing the goats and caring for animals and growing things.
It nods, it’s focus shifts away as it takes the information it’s gained and checks it against the memories of the land. Party woo, party yeah. It makes a low humming noise, and Eirlys can feel it as it reaches it’s awareness out to the world beyond its pool.
Soon enough it springs back. It nods again, having confirmed the truth of Eirlys’ words, and pledges to her a boon. The Ram spirit gives her a spirit helmet that is evocative of rams horns. It is only visible to those who can see into the spirit world, and gives her the “boon of aura sight” through which her vision can see the strength of vital signs of those around her, and makes her healing more effective.
After the ram spirit grants his boon, he tells Eirlys of other spirits throughout the land who can grant similar boons should she prove to them the purity of her intentions.
Eirlys asks of a spirit of the river, the Ram is unsure if one yet exists, though he knows that there has been one in the past.
Eirlys thanks it, it sinks slowly back into the pond.
Back on the bank, Eirlys slowly comes to awareness of her surroundings, marveling on the events that have just occured and feeling thankful.
Back in town, the party converges on the boat and gets ready for their departure.
Meanwhile Kevnan has a one man party in his room, wearing his new kink gear. Party woo, party yeah.

A Sting on the Docks
The Mooseman Cometh

The evening begins with the Adventurers gathering together around sunset at the warehouse after their adventures of the day, and approach the crate where they sealed Borlem. They find it sealed as tightly as they left it.
George “knocks” on the crate, slamming his hand against the side and causing it to rock a little bit in its place, the wood creaking slightly as it contorts against the form imposed on it. They adventurers hear some skittering, like a rat, from the inside of the box. They look at each other and acknowledge silently that the smell coming from the box is not very pleasant. The adventurers realize that maybe the fate the assigned to the rat man was less than kind, and debate the merits of providing him with various small morsels of food upon letting him out, hoping that perhaps such a show of goodwill would make the rat more willing to work with them, perhaps without the use of force.
After consulting Kevnan, they determined that perhaps such was a lost cause, and they should continue the use of force and intimidation to ensure the rat’s cooperation.
The plan is hatched: The adventurers, with the exception of Kevnan, will hide inside crates so that when the “goods” are delivered, they will be able to successfully follow its progress. Borlem will (theoretically) cooperate in exchange for his life.
George pries open the lid of the crate, and immediately a chunk of wood that had been crudely fashioned into a dagger bounces off his face. George is unfazed. He opens his arm blade, the metal ringing as it slides crisply out of it’s socket. “We’re back. You going to help us or not.”
Kevnan whispers a suggestion, frantically, jumping onto his shoulder in his anxiety. “we want the people he’s working for, not him. tell him tell him”
George complies, obediently. “show him your armblade, show him your armblade!” Kevnan squeaks, his excitment palpable. George moves his arm, letting the light glint off it.
Borlem looks distinctly worried “help you with what help you with what??!” he trembles in the corner of the box. “You will deliver the goods” George reminds him, upon kevnan’s prompting. “but I don’t have the goods”
“We will provide the goods.” George really mastered the threatening growl on the last sentence.

The adventurers procure some crates, even (after some finagling) one that would fit George. The guard helps a bit, saying “just bring them back tomorrow.” his face communicates that he really doesn’t want to know what they are doing. They rig the crates to open easily with one side, and the plan begins to take shape. They decide on a signal, for Kevnan to yell if things go wrong: the word “Moose” yelled by Kevnan. He demonstrates once, so that they will be sure to recognize it.

The sun sets, and the adventurers put their plan into effect. After a short amount of time, Kevnan can see a boat pull up to the docks, with a well dressed humanoid creature on it. It stops, the figure addresses Borlem, who is clearly distressed at his appearance. They exchange a few words, and Borlem asks for his payment. The figure scoffs, and makes it clear that Borlem won’t be paid until the goods are on the boat. After assuring the figure that all the goods are there, the figure comes off the boat, and traps Borlem in some kind of yellow magical thingy that seems to suck all the life out of him!
The adventurers, watching through holes in their boxes, wrack their brains for what such an ability might mean. Beriah realizes that the creature is a vampire and tries to warn kevnan, but the monster hears her whispers. Kevnan yells MOOSE after it becomes clear that it thinks there’s something in the boxes.
Dawn BURSTS out of her box in a dramatic show of acrobatics, smoothly gliding out so that the lid shut again after her exit. She jumps off Borlem’s head and flips, hitting the vampire with a tremendous blow to the chest and then following it up with a flurry of blows. Kevnan moves into action quickly afterwards, jumping onto the newly vacated crate and quickly shooting the now-undead Borlem twice in the shoulder. From inside her crate Eirlys summons her spirit companion next to Borlem. It rears up and smashes him with its sloth claws.
Combat continues, Beriah bursts out of her box with a cry, at which a wave of life bursts out around her and washes the dock with the power of the sun. Eirlys and Kevnan focus on the undead Borlem, and George first knocks over the dazed vampire, and then Dawn and George repeatedly attempt to restrain him. George ultimately succeeds, shortly before Borlem’s head explodes after a pair of well timed hits from Eirlys and Kevnan.
They speak to the vampire.
Dawn takes the lead, Beriah seething with anger at the presence of the undead, light flickering around the edges of her staff. “What is your name?” Dawn demands.
“Dayan.” replies the vampire.
“What use did you have with metalworking tools?”
“The uses of them to my lord are far beyond the ken of your feeble minds.”
Dayan continued to insult George and Dawn at their attempts to intimidate him. Watching this, Beriah becomes incredibly angry, stepping forward and grabbing the bare wrist of the creature. She floods his skin with radiant energy. “He’s not talking. May I kill him now?” his skin sizzles.
Dawn motions at her to wait. She complies, grudgingly, her eyes alight.
“Who do you work for?” Dawn demands.
Dayan attempts to summon the bravado he’d experienced before. “None other than the demon lord Orcus” he hisses, clearly in pain at Beriah’s tough.
“Now?” Beriah asks. “Fine” dawn permits.
Beriah summons all her strength and floods the vampire’s body with Radiant energy, continuing for a time after his body turned to dust.—

Daleborn Investigation
Put a pun on it

After collecting their reward, the adventurers continued their sleuthing by talking to the insurance investigator, Darom. They met him in the warehouse, and grabbed a seat at a table. Darom asked them for a statement of what they encountered in the under city. Beriah told him of the wererat minions, the items that were found, and that they captured the wererat leader for questioning later, purposefully skipping over the fact that they had interrogated Borlem in the under city. Beriah then asked if Darom knew what was stolen, as that information would help in the questioning.

Darom pulled out a manifest of the items he thought to be stolen based on inventory, which matched up with what the adventurers had returned. The items were mostly smithing and metal working equipment. When Beriah asked what merchant the symbol belonged to, Darom looked through his papers and found the name – Mr. Daleborn.

At this point the group split up to do various tasks during the day, with the plan to meet back at the warehouse at dusk.

Dawn helped a fish merchant with a stray cat problem, and sold him some fish for 6 gold. Seeing that Dawn had a way with the cats, the merchant asked if she might be able to more permanently help relocate them. Dawn split up the cats, leading some to a fish monger who seemed to enjoy the new additions to his growing cat family. Other cats were brought to a quiet part of town where they could live out their life chasing mice and being pet by younglings. For helping the fish merchant with his cat problem, Dawn earned 50 more gold.

Kevnan found the city planners office and offered help in mapping out parts of the under city that were damaged or simply uncharted. Kevnan was offered 80 gold to complete this task, but Kevnan had one more condition – that the portion of the under city he mapped out be named after him. Kevnan mapped out the area, excluding a hard to access portion of it that he plans to use as a hideout. Kevnan got his payment then went and did karaoke.

Eirlys went to a Goat farm owned by a man named Totesma. Eirlys gave a helping hand at Totesma Goats farm. She helped lead some of the goats, and healed a goat with an injured leg. Totesma gave Eirlys some delicious, high quality goat cheese. Afterwards, she sat by a pond and communed with nature. How boring. There was quite a bit of natural spirit energy in this area. Eirlys summoned her spirit companion to help her connect with the spirit. Unfortunately, the spirit seemed to be quite skittish, and she was not able to coax it out.

George went to visit Geoff and tell him about how the arm blade has been working out. Geoff was thrilled, and offered to replace the cover plate of his blade with one that better conceals it. While George and Geoff were still in the back shop, someone else entered. This man, Lars, was a friend of Geoff, and a fellow member of the Greater Pavo Society of Warforged Enthusiasts. Lars and Geoff invited George to the GPSoWE meeting next month. George left Geoff’s shop, and went down to the docks where he worked for 4 hours, earning a very respectable 80 silver.

Beriah went in search of travelers’ shrines to her patron deity Avandra to see if they needed any upkeep. The nearest shrines were all in good condition, so Beriah decided to check the larger shrine further out of town to the southeast. She was greeted by a cleric. The two talked for a while, and the cleric mentioned that she had seen another deva heading into town recently. Beriah returned to town looking for this other deva, but was unable to make any progress.

As the sun was setting, the adventurers regrouped at the warehouse.

Undercity of Lyrica
Bad day for Borlem

When we last saw our heroes, they had entered the undercity of Lyrica to help the Greater Pavo Shipping and Trade Company recover some stolen goods. The manager of the warehouse, Kurt, said he would pay them for anything they are able to recover. The group discovered and slaughtered a group of Wererats in an underground storage room and recovered some of the stolen goods. They intimidated a wererat, who told them that items were only being stolen from crates with a certain symbol. They must now decide whether to return to the surface with what they have, or delve deeper to find the wererat leader, Borlem

And now, the adventure continues!

After cleaning up from the wererat massacre, the adventurers decided to go after Borlem, the poor, defenseless wererat leader. They advanced down the hallway towards where they were told Borlem would be. They found a small room with some old industrial looking objects, one of which George took a liking to an attempted to hug. Further down the hall they encountered a locked iron door, which Kevnan easily opened.

On the other side of the door was a larger room which looked like more of a wererat hideout. On the far corner, there was a single wererat siting at a desk inspecting a metal ingot, stamped with the same seal as the boxes in the previou room. Dawn and Kevnan stealthily crept arcross the room, moving into position to knock out the lone wererat. Kevnan successfully befuddled the wererat with his assault, and Dawn moved in to restrain him the rest of the way. With the wererat under control, the rest of the group moved in.

Dawn interrogated the wererat, with little success, and called George over. The gigantic robot was very intimidating, and managed to get the name of the wererat: Borlem. And more importantly, Borlem is not the one in charge. He’s working for someone else – a merchant named Traneiros Daleborn. They were to told steal this merchandise and bring to another man, who they would meet later that night at the docks.

The group packed up the ingots and Borlem and returned to the warehouse. Deciding that it might be best to not yet tell Kurt all the details, the adventurers returned the stolen goods they had collected and told Kurt to hold Borlem for the day, while they continued to investigate. Heading back into the undercity, the group returned the room where Borlem resided and explored the hallway behind his desk. The hallway was long, winding, and eventually dead-ended in a small room with a grate into the sewers.

With that area of the undercity explored, the group returned to the surface. Kurt told them that he was satisfied with what they had recovered, and any further investigation they do should be reported to insurance investigator, and then directed them to Larry in the business offer for their reward – 500 gold.

Next time – the intrigue continues as our group of heroes investigate Tradeiros and the mysterious man at the docks.


May 30 2013
Geoff's first stab

step one: eat pork
step two: Naomi impersonates a streetlight
step three: handing out character sheets
6:56 Kyle is drunk

What are the guilds in this city? (per Ant’s request)
Lyrran Mercantile Consortium rules the city (Ben reads the wiki entry)

Overview of magic item type things:
you can essentially use magicite in the crafting of a magical item, and it doesn’t reduce the cost at all, but the item will scale to your level.
Also you can use transfer enchantment to transfer an enchantment to a magicite version (destroying the original item)and then the new magic item will level up in the same manner as a “naturally created” magicite item.
If you transfer enchantment into a gem you can socket the gem into an amulet or other magic item made of magicite, and exchange gems within that to make the item flexible. The leveling will follow the curve of the magicite item.

Caroline suggests that over time the magicite items they become attuned to us and give individual bonuses available only to specific individuals. Ben likes this idea.

What do we have?
-two large pieces
(Scale mail for George, or a two handed weapon)
-three medium chunks
-six small pieces

So now what?
We’re going to stick around a little bit to create five good utility socketable magic amulets. (It would cost 260 gold per amulet)
George attempts to sweet-talk Geoff into reducing the cost. Beriah helps by giving the idea that time with George will be a good aid to his work overall. George offers to sell him beets, Beriah rephrases it that George would be more likely to come back to him later if they can start their working relationship off on a good foot.
(the cost is now 160 gold per amulet)
Geoff is thrilled to have established this connection, honored to have ingratiated himself to the warfarged.
Geoff instructs George to show up in the evening, around closing time, to get his armblade.
Beriah is going to learn the magicite transfer enchantment variant from Geoff, when they pick up the amulets. (the variant takes one hour and 10 GP worth of residium, with an additional component cost of the gem that will carry the enchantment, which may be anywhere from 5 to 1000 GP depending on the power of the enchantment.
To make a Gem of health, Geoff needs an Amber of specific properties (worth about 100 GP)
to make a gem of spidersilk mantle, he needs a Jet of specific properties (worth about 100 GP)
to make an elven cloak, he needs a green tourmaline of specific properties (worth about 500 GP)
Kevnan and George go in search of these gems.

8:14 Ben has to pee
8:26 how do Tieflings wash their hair? maybe the place under their horns is ticklish like an armpit but on their heads.
8:34 Eirlys notes that vendors keep waving dried squid in her face

Things that we decide to buy:
George: amulet of the berserker (gem would be 50 gp value bloodstone)

Beriah sells platinum bracelet for 200 gp
Beriah sells a mother of pearl brush for 5 gp
Eirlys sells pendant with elf lady for 250 gp
Eirlys sells a copper bracelet for 15 gp

8:56 Sarah has to pee. these minutes are lost to time.
9:07 Kyle makes internet voice pronounce “chirurgeon”

George is going on his date with Geoff. Beriah will accompany.
Kevnan eats cheap spicy food for dinner and then goes right to sleep. It moves right through his system with alarming rapidity.
Upon their arrival, geoff acknowledges beriah’s presence and invites them both in, turning his open sign off. he hands beriah a ritual book, completely entranced by george’s imposing presence.
he takes george back to his workshop, indicating a stone slab for george to sit on. The room is very well lit, because geoff wants to be able to see what he’s doing. Geoff pulls out from a chest in the corner a warforged arm segment and makes verbally explicit exactly what he is going to be doing to george, his voice dulcet in the strong light of the workshop. After some fiddling, geoff gets his equipment all settled in the way that he wants and gets to work. “hold your arm out and let me know if this hurts” Geoff says, his excitement to have a live subject evident in the breathy quality that his voice acquired. George complies, curious. “May I mark on your arm?” Geoff asks,to which George nods his consent. Geoff delicately begins tracing around George’s arm. “ooh that tickles!” george says, his voice unusualy gruff, intrigued by the sensations he is experiencing.
George’s armblade is attached.
Geoff steps back from George, sweat beading at the base of his horns from the effort of his concentration. “how do you feel?” he asks George, voice purring with the satisfaction of a job well done. George remains silent, merely lifting his arm and flexing his new equipment, marveling at how it so quickly became a part of him, and how the shaft glistens in the light. Geoff notices his wonder and smiles to himself, pleased that his efforts were well received. He hands George a towel to wipe off the marks. George doesn’t notice, so absorbed in the wonder of his new implement. Sighing gently, Geoff cleans george off himsel, taking care to polish off all toolmarks.
Beriah finished reading the ritual, and has committed it to memory. Geoff walks them both to the door, wishing them goodnight and expressing a hope to see them again soon.
george almost stabs several people on the walk back, playing with his new weapon.
When beriah and george get back to the boat, kevnan is experiencing intestinal distress over the side of the boat. He makes small, rodent-like noises as he voids himself.
The “spidersilk mantle” gem has a ghostly spider image in the center
the amulet of health has a tiny beating heart in it
the elven cloak has images of whirling green leaves in the center


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