Undercity of Lyrica
Bad day for Borlem

When we last saw our heroes, they had entered the undercity of Lyrica to help the Greater Pavo Shipping and Trade Company recover some stolen goods. The manager of the warehouse, Kurt, said he would pay them for anything they are able to recover. The group discovered and slaughtered a group of Wererats in an underground storage room and recovered some of the stolen goods. They intimidated a wererat, who told them that items were only being stolen from crates with a certain symbol. They must now decide whether to return to the surface with what they have, or delve deeper to find the wererat leader, Borlem

And now, the adventure continues!

After cleaning up from the wererat massacre, the adventurers decided to go after Borlem, the poor, defenseless wererat leader. They advanced down the hallway towards where they were told Borlem would be. They found a small room with some old industrial looking objects, one of which George took a liking to an attempted to hug. Further down the hall they encountered a locked iron door, which Kevnan easily opened.

On the other side of the door was a larger room which looked like more of a wererat hideout. On the far corner, there was a single wererat siting at a desk inspecting a metal ingot, stamped with the same seal as the boxes in the previou room. Dawn and Kevnan stealthily crept arcross the room, moving into position to knock out the lone wererat. Kevnan successfully befuddled the wererat with his assault, and Dawn moved in to restrain him the rest of the way. With the wererat under control, the rest of the group moved in.

Dawn interrogated the wererat, with little success, and called George over. The gigantic robot was very intimidating, and managed to get the name of the wererat: Borlem. And more importantly, Borlem is not the one in charge. He’s working for someone else – a merchant named Traneiros Daleborn. They were to told steal this merchandise and bring to another man, who they would meet later that night at the docks.

The group packed up the ingots and Borlem and returned to the warehouse. Deciding that it might be best to not yet tell Kurt all the details, the adventurers returned the stolen goods they had collected and told Kurt to hold Borlem for the day, while they continued to investigate. Heading back into the undercity, the group returned the room where Borlem resided and explored the hallway behind his desk. The hallway was long, winding, and eventually dead-ended in a small room with a grate into the sewers.

With that area of the undercity explored, the group returned to the surface. Kurt told them that he was satisfied with what they had recovered, and any further investigation they do should be reported to insurance investigator, and then directed them to Larry in the business offer for their reward – 500 gold.

Next time – the intrigue continues as our group of heroes investigate Tradeiros and the mysterious man at the docks.


May 30 2013
Geoff's first stab

step one: eat pork
step two: Naomi impersonates a streetlight
step three: handing out character sheets
6:56 Kyle is drunk

What are the guilds in this city? (per Ant’s request)
Lyrran Mercantile Consortium rules the city (Ben reads the wiki entry)

Overview of magic item type things:
you can essentially use magicite in the crafting of a magical item, and it doesn’t reduce the cost at all, but the item will scale to your level.
Also you can use transfer enchantment to transfer an enchantment to a magicite version (destroying the original item)and then the new magic item will level up in the same manner as a “naturally created” magicite item.
If you transfer enchantment into a gem you can socket the gem into an amulet or other magic item made of magicite, and exchange gems within that to make the item flexible. The leveling will follow the curve of the magicite item.

Caroline suggests that over time the magicite items they become attuned to us and give individual bonuses available only to specific individuals. Ben likes this idea.

What do we have?
-two large pieces
(Scale mail for George, or a two handed weapon)
-three medium chunks
-six small pieces

So now what?
We’re going to stick around a little bit to create five good utility socketable magic amulets. (It would cost 260 gold per amulet)
George attempts to sweet-talk Geoff into reducing the cost. Beriah helps by giving the idea that time with George will be a good aid to his work overall. George offers to sell him beets, Beriah rephrases it that George would be more likely to come back to him later if they can start their working relationship off on a good foot.
(the cost is now 160 gold per amulet)
Geoff is thrilled to have established this connection, honored to have ingratiated himself to the warfarged.
Geoff instructs George to show up in the evening, around closing time, to get his armblade.
Beriah is going to learn the magicite transfer enchantment variant from Geoff, when they pick up the amulets. (the variant takes one hour and 10 GP worth of residium, with an additional component cost of the gem that will carry the enchantment, which may be anywhere from 5 to 1000 GP depending on the power of the enchantment.
To make a Gem of health, Geoff needs an Amber of specific properties (worth about 100 GP)
to make a gem of spidersilk mantle, he needs a Jet of specific properties (worth about 100 GP)
to make an elven cloak, he needs a green tourmaline of specific properties (worth about 500 GP)
Kevnan and George go in search of these gems.

8:14 Ben has to pee
8:26 how do Tieflings wash their hair? maybe the place under their horns is ticklish like an armpit but on their heads.
8:34 Eirlys notes that vendors keep waving dried squid in her face

Things that we decide to buy:
George: amulet of the berserker (gem would be 50 gp value bloodstone)

Beriah sells platinum bracelet for 200 gp
Beriah sells a mother of pearl brush for 5 gp
Eirlys sells pendant with elf lady for 250 gp
Eirlys sells a copper bracelet for 15 gp

8:56 Sarah has to pee. these minutes are lost to time.
9:07 Kyle makes internet voice pronounce “chirurgeon”

George is going on his date with Geoff. Beriah will accompany.
Kevnan eats cheap spicy food for dinner and then goes right to sleep. It moves right through his system with alarming rapidity.
Upon their arrival, geoff acknowledges beriah’s presence and invites them both in, turning his open sign off. he hands beriah a ritual book, completely entranced by george’s imposing presence.
he takes george back to his workshop, indicating a stone slab for george to sit on. The room is very well lit, because geoff wants to be able to see what he’s doing. Geoff pulls out from a chest in the corner a warforged arm segment and makes verbally explicit exactly what he is going to be doing to george, his voice dulcet in the strong light of the workshop. After some fiddling, geoff gets his equipment all settled in the way that he wants and gets to work. “hold your arm out and let me know if this hurts” Geoff says, his excitement to have a live subject evident in the breathy quality that his voice acquired. George complies, curious. “May I mark on your arm?” Geoff asks,to which George nods his consent. Geoff delicately begins tracing around George’s arm. “ooh that tickles!” george says, his voice unusualy gruff, intrigued by the sensations he is experiencing.
George’s armblade is attached.
Geoff steps back from George, sweat beading at the base of his horns from the effort of his concentration. “how do you feel?” he asks George, voice purring with the satisfaction of a job well done. George remains silent, merely lifting his arm and flexing his new equipment, marveling at how it so quickly became a part of him, and how the shaft glistens in the light. Geoff notices his wonder and smiles to himself, pleased that his efforts were well received. He hands George a towel to wipe off the marks. George doesn’t notice, so absorbed in the wonder of his new implement. Sighing gently, Geoff cleans george off himsel, taking care to polish off all toolmarks.
Beriah finished reading the ritual, and has committed it to memory. Geoff walks them both to the door, wishing them goodnight and expressing a hope to see them again soon.
george almost stabs several people on the walk back, playing with his new weapon.
When beriah and george get back to the boat, kevnan is experiencing intestinal distress over the side of the boat. He makes small, rodent-like noises as he voids himself.
The “spidersilk mantle” gem has a ghostly spider image in the center
the amulet of health has a tiny beating heart in it
the elven cloak has images of whirling green leaves in the center

Arrival at Lyrica
Geoff's Offer

After the encounter with the craud, the captain and passengers came down to the cargo hold to see what all the commotion was. The group told them of the raiding creatures, and the captain nodded, noting that craud have been attacking river boats recently looking for food. Thanks to the group, the cargo was saved (though somewhat damaged) and no livestock were lost. Gheed thanked the group for saving his cargo, and Carla thanked them for saving her goat. The captain told the group that he would attempt to arrange a reward for their actions when they arrived at Lyrica. Then, the captain sent the deckhand down to clean up the mess.

The adventurers went about their business (mostly cleaning off craud guts), got their breakfast, and passed the time while the boat continued to Lyrica. George maintained a watch at the front of the boat while Kevnan ran up and down the deck shouting something about “avast matey”

By around 9 in the morning the ferry reached Lyrica. <insert>. The captain offered to allow the group to stay in their quarters at night while the ferry stayed docked in Lyrica for the next 3 days. Thanking the captain, the group disembarked, and set out to explore the city.

The first thing they were interested in was getting the magical pillar shards examined. A Lyrica guide directed them to a magic shop in the northern quarter of town, owned Geoff the Tinkerer, who might be able to tell them more. They entered the shop, a highly unorganized maze of shelves, tables, and boxes full of clutter, and were greeted by a Tiefling. “Welcome! Come in!” said the Tiefling, Geoff. “What can I do for you folks?” George picked up Kevnan to help him up on the counter, and kevnanset some of the pillar shards down.

“Oh! that’s an interesting specimen” said Geoff. He examined it with a magnifying lens, then, to examine it further, set it on the counter and slammed it with a hammer. “Hmm. Yep. This is the stuff.” Geoff went on to explain that the material is in a sense solidified mana. While unusable in its current form, it is something that can be reforged into other shapes. In the 3 days that the group would be here, he could perhaps craft 3 of the small piece and 1 of the medium pieces into magical objects. All the while, Geoff seemed especially interested in George. After discussing the shards, Geoff turned his attention to George. He was very excited to see a living warforged. Geoff invited George to stop by his shop after is closes so he could learn more about him.

After leaving Geoff’s shop, George went off on his own to sell some of his “valuable” wormpriest skull helmets. After a bit of wandering, George found a particularly shady looking street merchant. George somehow managed to successfully negotiate with this dealer and sold his two wormpriest helmets for 50gp each – and he got to keep the beet!

The Ferry from Watersedge
It's getting Crauded in here

Early next morning, just before dawn, George “awoke” to the sound of scratching noises from the exterior wall of his room. Curious, George got out of his quarters and began heading towards the front of the ship, when he heard a wooden crunching sound and an animal scream from the cargo hold to the rear. George swiveled around and began heading to the hold. When he reached the cargo hold, George encountered a spawn of craud breaking into the cargo and pens.

George charged in to attack alone. He fought several craud, but some of the creatures seemed to ignore him and continued destroying crates. All this commotion alerted the rest of the party, and after a few minutes Kevnan, Eirlys, Dawn, and Beriah ran down into the hold and joined the fight. With the whole group now in combat, all the craud turned their attention away from the crates and towards the attackers.

After and intense fight, the party was able to defeat the hungry craud. Covered in the guts of giant river bugs, the group was no longer looking forward to breakfast.

Carla and the Chicken (George)
Memory Log 201-304-04a


Carla and the Chicken
A ferry tale

After celebrating the defeat of the death cult with the townsfolk, the group of adventurers left Winterhaven the next day in mid-morning and began their journey to the central city. To reach the city, the adventurers decided to take a ferry down Lakewinde River – a two day journey from Winterhaven. The group camped the first night at a well worn campsite off the side of the road. They reached Winterhaven Port in the evening of the next day, shortly before the ferry was due to arrive.

While waiting for the ferry to arrive, the group met a kind country woman named Carla and her pet chicken Vera, who were also heading to the central city. She told them that heading there to visit a friend and hopefully sell her goat.

The ferry arrived, and the ferry boat captain informed them that the cost of the trip to the central city was 15 gold a person, including meals. Seeing as Eirlys has everlasting provisions and George doesn’t require food, Beriah was able to haggle the price down to 9 gold a piece.

The group learned that there are several stops along the way. The first stop is Watersedge Port, located at the point where the Northwest Sea reforms into Lakewinde River. its a small stop, but larger than the Winterhaven port. The stop after that is the larger city of Lyrica, part of the human kingdom in this region. The ferry will be staying at Lyrica for 2-3 days. The next stop is Ayrifal, a port serving the nearby farming communities. The last stop on Lakewinde River is Canfield, a city situated at the mouth of the river where it empties into the Central Sea. The boat gets quite crowded at the Lyrica, and the adventurers will need to bunk together.

The first night the group had dinner with a few passengers, the captain, and the deckhand. Eirlys used her everlasting provisions to create a hearty stew with lots of vegetables and a fresh loaf of bread. The captain was very impressed with the quality of the magically created food. Over dinner, the merchant onboard Gheed attempted to bargain with Eirlys to acquire the provisions, but she politely declined. After dinner Beriah mesmerized Carla with some simple tricks, using her newly acquired magical wizard gloves. Carla was absolutely thrilled when Beriah changed the colors of Vera’s feathers to orange and pink. Beriah asked Carla what her favorite food was, and after discovering it was a certain variety of apples, she cast an illusion to make Carla’s celery taste just like those apples. Carla, having only heard that magical items existed but never seeing one before, was thrilled by the entertainment. After dinner, Dawn conjured a 10g fishing rod and relaxed by fishing off the side of the boat.

After dinner, the ferry arrived at Watersedge. The port itself is a small town, larger than winterhaven but by no means a city. From the ferry, the group could see several features of the town – a lodge, a trade depot, and several small homes. This town is on the edge of the human kingdom, and as such it is a predominantly populated by humans. The ferry stayed docked here for a few hours. While there, they took on cargo (mostly livestock) and two more passengers – the merchants that the cargo belonged to. The ferry stayed docked for an hour longer, while cargo was being loaded. Kevnan and George retired to their bunks, while Eirlys, Beriah, and Dawn briefly went into town and visited the lodge for a drink. Dawn traded two fish for a large mug of steamed milk. Beriah and Eirlys sampled the local Lakeshore Mead, for the modest price of 6c a pint. After their nightcaps the three women returned to the ferry to retire for the night.

Finding a path
Reverse ambush!

The Party has come upon a group of Kobolds lying in wait to ambush travelers on the road and nearly got the drop on some of them. Unfortunately they were spotted after someone stepped on a twig.

Several of the armored Kobolds engaged Stäl and George at the edge of the brush. Dawn moved to engage them, but was knocked unconscious by a sneaky Kobold from behind! Meanwhile, Eirlys pounced on a lone Kobold, then shifted and engaged the Kobold Wyrmpriest with her ranged abilities. Beriah hung back and laid into the Kobolds from afar, but unfortunately an untimely duck by a kobold lead to one of her attacks landing on Stal!
The party was taking a beating, but the kobolds began to fall. Stal brought Dawn back into the fight with a rune of mending. Eirlys froze one kobold that was trying to flee in place and it was shattered by it’s own momentum. George, seeing the opportunity to get some information from one of them, demanded the surrender of one badly beaten kobold, who had lost his weapon and now his will to fight. As it’s followers fell, the Wyrmpriest decided it was time to leave, and made a run for it. This did not go unnoticed though, and George charged in to stop him, with Eirlys finishing him off with another burst of frigid air!

With all remaining combatants defeated, the party turns it’s attention to the Kobold they have captured. Dawn ties him up. Beriah calms him down, as he was very scared and wasn’t very helpful otherwise. The party learns the location of their hideout, and that a ‘big scary goblin’ is leading them. After the interrogation, the party searched the area and remains for loot, and got 5gp 23sp as well as a Silver Necklace with a symbol of After some discussion the party decides to take the Kobold to Winterhaven and remand him to guard custody there.

The rest of the road to Winterhaven is uneventful. As you approach the town about mid morning, the guards stop you and ask about the Kobold. You fill them in on your exploits defeating the 2 Kobold ambush points. They thank you, and suggest you talk to the Lord of the town about the Kobold situation and direct you to his residence, as well as a few other places like the {inn} and guard barracks. They also send word ahead to the Lord to expect you.

After thanking the guards, the party escort’s their Kobold prisoner (who’s name is Kevnan) to see the Lord at his house. There are guards at the entrance to the Lord’s house, they mention that the other guards told them to expect you and let you pass. A servant lets you in, and escorts you to the reading room. Shortly you are joined by Lord Padraig, who introduces himself to you and asks to hear of your exploits. You explain how you encountered and defeated 2 Kobold ambushes, and learned of their goblin leader. You also mention the location of the hideout, as communicated by your prisoner. Lord Padraig accepted Kevnan as a prisoner and called for a guard to take him away to the jail. Padraig thanked you for defeating the ambushes and clearing those roads, and offered to pay your way at the inn for the evening in return. After a brief discussion, you agreed to attempt to deal with the kobold raiders and their goblin leader for Padraig, and he offers a monetary reward if you return with proof.

On your way to the inn, you stopped by Bairwin’s Grande Shoppe to sell the necklace you found. After a brief negotiation, he offers 80gp for it, which you accept.

The Road to adventure
Who are you people again?

Here’s a quick summary of our first session. If I forgot something, please let me know so I can include it.

We went around the table and established how each of your characters knew each other. Then went around and established how they knew Douven Staul.

The Journey itself started with each of the characters venturing out on the road towards Winterhaven in search of Douven Staul, who had reportedly ventured here to check out rumors of a dragon tomb. As they traveled, they slowly met up along the roads as they funneled towards Winterhaven and decided to band together towards their mutual destination. They had heard mention in an earlier outpost that Kobolds had recently stepped up their harassment of travelers to Winterhaven for unknown reasons.

While walking down the road to Winterhaven, Eirlys hears a noise from behind a nearby rock and approaches cautiously. Not knowing what lies on the other side, Dawn moves around to the other side of the rock from Eirlys and narrowly avoids sling bullet wizzing by her head and smashing into the rock nearby! Kobold ambush!

Eirlys and Dawn team up on one armored Kobold while Stäl and Beriah team up on the other. George charges right into the fray and starts cleaving through Kobolds left and right. The slinger who leads the band realizes that he bit off more than he can chew and starts backing off. Beriah sees this attempt at escape and slows him down so the party can catch him while finishing off the remaining Kobolds. Dawn then Stal then George all charge in to bring the slinger low, when a massive assault of radiant daggers from Beriah obliterates it!

Searching the bodies of their assailants, the party finds 36 sp in various coin and divides it amongst the group (7 sp 2cp per character). They were apparently not very successful bandits.

The party tracks the Kobold’s along the road. At the point where the tracks diverge from the road, the party debates continuing on to find the source of the Kobold raiders or continue on to the town, which is in sight already. They decide to track them down. Traveling all night and into the morning. The party circles around Winterhaven and discovers another path with another set of Kobold’s lying in ambush waiting for traveler’s. The Kobold’s spot them, and…. Session end.

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