The swamp-bog temple of the lizardmen

George of the Jungle

The party steps off the boat onto the spire, making their way over the low vegetation that covers the landscape. There’s a small stream trickling into the river; they decide to follow it up into the hills. Dawn pauses, and sniffs the air. “There’s something in off to the side, in the higher plants.” She points it out to her companions.
“Should we light it up?” Beriah asks, looking around. They deliberate for a moment; deciding that they would rather attack first, Dawn throws a spear, tidily piercing through it’s armor with little trouble. Within moments, it becomes clear that the creature was not alone; another five of them step into view on both sides and slightly ahead. With the greater visibility, Eirlys immediately recognizes them as green-scaled lizard people; a draconic-speaking swamp-dwelling race notable for their xenophobia. She remembers that they haven’t been seen in this area for some time, but also notes that there haven’t been people coming in and out of this swamp for some time. She pauses, “It’s unlikely they want to just talk.”
They all look around, and ready themselves for the assault.
Kevnan quickly springs into acting, readily stabbing one of the nearby lizardmen. Dawn steps in beside him, and throws an alchemist fire; it bursts into a bubble of flame, singing two of the lizardmen and turning the undergrowth between them into a flaming mass. Luckily the vegetation is damp enough that the fire doesn’t spread.
Angered, a pair lizardman strides at Dawn and Kevnan and hits them as hard as their skill allows. Another, taking advantage of the moment, steps towards Beriah but his blow glances off her mail. He’s taken aback, and moves away. George charges at him, head down, sword drawn, attempting to stick the offending lizard with all the spikes he can. He succeeds, barreling so hard that he knocks it back into the undergrowth.
Their mystic doesn’t let this stand, and casts a blob of sickly green energy at Kevnan and Dawn, poisioning them and leaving them in a daze. Eirlys steps up, summons her spirit companion, between a pair of the lizardmen. A pair of panther shaped energies shoot out of her and drive through the lizardmen and then into her companion: hurting them and empowering the spirit, it growls and the two lizards shake in fear.

After a good battle, the lizards fall.

Geroge swings to the jungle


benswope sprasarah

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