Undead Around Town


Everyone meets at an inn for dinner; George with his loot and Kevnan with less loot.

There’s a commotion coming from the northeastern gate. There are guards running in that direction, and people rushing away. After some deliberation, the adventurers decide to go check it out.

As they get nearer, it becomes clearer what’s going on: there are undead pouring out of the cemetery nearby.

The adventurers arrive to find that the guards have picked off most of the undead already. The captain turns back and notices George. “We’ve got this mostly handled, and are expecting reinforcements in 10 minutes” just as he says this, a pair of HUGE ZOMBIES breaks out of a pair of mausoleums. “Um, on second thought, we could use your help.”

The adventurers don’t waste time rolling in on the zombies.
Kevnan opened the fight with a well-thrown dagger, followed eagerly by Beriah calling forth a beacon of light from the heavens between a pair of mausoleums. The rest of the party followed strong, particularly Dawn who opened with her usually war-cry and flying leap onto one of the large zombies. The fight was over pretty quickly though, since Beriah summoned her dislike for undead and channeled it into a giant blast of radiant light, which eliminated a large majority of the threat. After that, between some well-thrown daggers, a charging heap of metal with swords attached, an alchemists fire, and an incorporeal sloth-bear-moose, the undead were dispatched quite efficiently.

After the fight Beriah summoned an orb of light and shone it around the graveyard while investigating the nature of the creations. It seemed at first that the necromancer responsible wasn’t one of very great skill, but after some searching the ritual circle used to create the time-delay summoning revealed that the person responsible was more skilled than it would immediately seem (in order to pull off a summon of not-inconsiderable subtlety)
Beriah reports this to the rest of the party, along with the caveat that practitioners of the dark arts are often very difficult to track magically, since they take great pain not to be found (for obvious reasons). Eirlys offers to take a stab at using her skills with nature, and they manage to follow the track some ways until they reach a road, at which point Eirlys loses the trail. The adventurers are disappointed; but they decide to turn around and head back into town, George’s footfalls making a muffled “clonk clank clonk” as they spend the walk consumed with their own thoughts.

Beriah identifies the items that George traded for his lizard bones. “Beriah look at these things I got for my bones!” It seems George was being silent mostly out of respect for Beriah’s disappointment, but by the time he got back into town he was back to his normal enthusiasm. Snarky as usual, Dawn looks at the metal behomoth and quips: “Do you even have any bones?”
“Not anymore. I traded them.” The joke went right over George’s head, as usual.

Beriah takes a look at George’s things:
The sapphire ox statue is non-magical, and the slab is basically a magical press-on-tattoo that gives 5 temporary hitpoints when you spend an action point.
Kevnan tries to get Beriah to convince George that if he stares at the ox long enough it will move, but she won’t go along with it.

Then they all go back to the boat.

gold totals are unchanged from last session

Beriah: 640.85 gp
Dawn: 706.91 gp
Eirlys: 182.85 gp
George: 315.8 gp
Kevnan: 105 gp


benswope sprasarah

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