The Spire blocks the way

Kevnan and George shop at Footlocker

The guards managed by themselves pretty well, so after you paste the crawd to the deck there is no remaining threat.
“Well if they’re so great, why don’t they save the world themselves?” Kevnan wonders. “Wait are they our Anti-Party?” He seems excited at the prospect. The rest of the party looks baffled.
The guards, having dispatched their portion of the threat, take up their defensive positions around the boat. The party engages in some banter as they realize they won’t be taken by surprise easily again. Eirlys brags that nothing ever escapes her notice anyway. “I knew they were there last time, anyway. I dreamed about them. So I knew: I was just asleep.” Kevnan throws a dagger at Eirlys. It misses, naturally. George laughs.
The Captain is happy to see them when they come across him as they are cleaning off belowdecks. He makes sure they are aware that they have the run of the ship (while the other passengers are confined to their rooms and a few common areas.) They see Carla in one of the common rooms, and ask her how the sale of the goat went. “Oh, I got a fair price for him” she says. “But I am a bit sad to see him go. He was good company.” The party engages in some small talk, while Dawn stretches and yawns. She decides she wants a catnap, and goes to find an empty room to sleep in. They realize they need to decide on sleeping arrangements after she leaves, and take some time convincing George to not go back to the same room he had slept before (as it had been given to a few new passengers that had been taken on)
Dinner happens, they notice a few new passengers but several merchants eat in their own rooms (having brought their own food and servants to prepare it along with their entourage) which raises several eyebrows but the Captain deftly steers conversation away from the subject before anyone makes comments. Dinner is nice, the discount continues from our food basket and George not sleeping.
Sleep happens, in some configuration. George has a nightmare but by the time he’s conscious he doesn’t remember it. The ship putters along, everything is peaceful
The basket produces peaches at breakfast and they are delicious. Kevnan is especially delighted to eat them with cream; fortunately most of the food spills on his clothes and Beriah is able to clean it off without him noticing. George collects a couple of peach pits before anyone notices and tells him not to (although then they realized they’d disappear anyway and probably didn’t need to bother.) Dawn supplements her meal with a few fresh fish that she catches with her cloak-summoned fishing pole.
After breakfast the adventurers head to the decks, and Eirlys first notices that there are clouds rolling in from every direction. In a few hours it is completely overcast, and foggy (which seems to perturb Captain) At this point Eirlys realizes there is something wrong, she is very on edge and snaps at several people. They are summoned by a guard “The Captain would like to speak to you on the bridge” he leaves quickly, George sputtering something about not meaning to kill the goat and Kevnan looking rather guilty.
When the reach the bridge, the Captain enumerates his annoyance with the fog. It makes navigating the river significantly more difficult and dangerous, and will slow their pace down considerably. He mentions that he needs several people to keep watch for hazards, needing as many eyes as he can to watch out for hazards. Eirlys volunteers immediately, making a comment about her ace powers of perception. Dawn, calculating she could probably get away with fishing at the same time, volunteers as well. They are sent to the bow, each on one corner with a guard in the middle. Beriah asks if there are any other tasks that need doing – the captain mentions that they could use some relays between various points in the ship. Beriah agrees to this. She runs the first dispatch, and on the way back decides to check if the fog is magical at all. With some concentration she realizes there is a faint tinge of magic in the mist, and with a bit more effort thinks it’s coming from up ahead, on the right bank. She quickly mentions this both to Dawn and Eirlys, and then runs back to the Captain to let him know. Hearing this Kevnan goes towards the prow, on the right side, alert for any sort of danger. George follows, slightly more towards the center.
The fog is getting thicker; it’s more difficult to see. Eirlys notices a shallow log in the water but calculates that the boat is going to miss it safely; Beriah runs this to the captain and then takes a post in the middle of the prow. The fog continues to intensify.
Dawn notices something lurking down in the water, but doesn’t know what it is. Beriah tries to read the magic again, but doesn’t get any better sense of the source of it. Beriah runs news of something slightly to the right, and the captain slows down to avoid it. As they pass it, Dawn watches it. When they get closer dawn sees a floating raft of debris – it seems more substantial than that though, so there must be something the detritus stuck too. No one can tell what it is, though, but it’s not alive. George readies a rope as it passes, securing it quickly around Kevnan’s waist. “Fastball special?” Kevnan asks. George throws him onto the mass, holding tightly onto the edge of the rope. Kevnan tumbles awkwardly through the air, slightly missing the chunk of debris. He quickly paddles onto and manages to scramble onto it. The rope is running out fairly quickly as he searches through the pile of muck and rotting vegetation. He finds a square chunk of rope, latches on, and gives a quick shout. He holds on for dear life as George hauls him back.
At this point Dawn and the guard both notice a large, solid, immobile thing coming up ahead and to the right, Beriah running back to the captain and Eirlys running over to the thing to try to see what it is.
The Captain decides to slow the boat down, and manages to stop it before it runs into a large stone spine that juts out from the shore. The Captain is upset, because the stone spine has never been there before and he made the trip last MONTH.
George continues to haul Kevnan back, one of the guards who were watching the antics of the lizard and robot runs Down to grab the side of the wooden square to take some of the burden off George as he attempts to get them over the edge. He lands sopping on the deck, for the first time noticing the Captain’s curses coming from the bridge as he, the deckhand, and one of the guards try to decide what to do about this obstacle. It’ll take at least 15 minutes to clear the spire. They want to set up some kind of buoy system to warn future boats but don’t have enough barrels to set up a lane. The Captain turns to Beriah and asks if the spire has anything to do with the magical presence she felt earlier. Having dismissed the possibility before, she takes a moment to concentrate again, and more clearly (probably because they’ve stopped moving) she’s able. She opens her eyes and looks the Captain in the face. “Indeed it is. I had not thought so earlier. If you could wait for us, we can go get more information. Perhaps we can clear the spire, or at least the fog.” The captain agrees, reluctant to wait but willing to give them several hours before departing. Beriah goes to tell Dawn and Eirlys, and they head back to the rear of the ship to gather Kevnan and George.

. . . Lizard boy after a couple attempts opens the lock and eats some bugs. Unfortunately the lid is rusted on. Robo pops off the lid with a lizard clinging to the top. When the foot locker opens it has been sealed air tight with wax. (the very former owner wanted to keep the contents dry when it fell into the river). The lizard reaches in and pulls out a large six sided die made of bone.

Kevnan, with the die in one hand, reaches back into the box. He pulls out what seems to be a long string. From his excited chatter she gathers that it’s a bowstring. Withdrawing, happy with his finds, steps away from the foot locker. George steps forward and reaches in, pulling out a dusty but elaborately tooled horn that looks as if it is fitted to be a musical instrument. Pleased with himself, he also pulls out a delicately carved onyx figurine of a dog, as well as a roll of banking documents. As far as anyone knows, they have no value.

George turns to wave at the guard at the front and starts waving and shouting, at which point the rest of the party happens upon them and ask what’s up. “Hey what’d you find?” Beriah inquires.
“nothing. We pulled up a piece of wood.” Kevnan says. He curls in on himself, looking a bit off. She turns to George. “OK” she says. “There was a dog in it!” George says. This doesn’t make sense. “In the wood?” She clarifies. “There were some poison gasses in the wood I think it got to him” Remembering that George doesn’t breathe, she clarifies with Kevnan “There was gas in the wood?” Kevnan continues to mutter explanations to Beriah’s raised eyebrows, until George interrupts him. “LOOK WHAT I FOUND!” He thrusts the dog statue, with the horn on it as a hat, towards Beriah. “oh very pretty!” Beriah observes. She takes a moment to quickly tell Kevnan and George about their exploratory mission and then shuffle everyone onto the dinghy, and head towards the shore. On the boat, she examines the dog and horn, while Dawn starts to pester Kevnan about the objects he’s obviously cradling in his hand. “So what you got there?” she asks. “nothin’” he maintains. “oh come on. I can see you have something there.” He glares at her, resentful of her attention, and tries to scurry away before he realizes that the dinghy is very small.
Beriah has finished examining the dog now, and turns to Dawn, just as Kevnan is holding out the string. “don’t pester him” she says.
“Well he’s obviously lying. He’s got something. More than this, even.”
“I know, but he’s probably got reasons. Leave him alone.”
Kevnan makes a noise, gloating. “Don’t be a jerk about it.” Beriah says.
“oh. Do you want to play dice?” he asks Dawn. She goes to rummage through her cloak. “What kind of game? she asks?” he caves, and hold out her treasure. Beriah gets a good look at it, and is able to tell them all what it is, as well as the string as Kevnan ties the dice around his neck (realizing that rolling it now would be a waste of its power.)
The boat bumps against the shore.
Gold Totals for this week:
Beriah: 640.85 gp
Dawn: 706.91 gp
Eirlys: 182.85 gp
George: 315.8 gp
Kevnan: 135 gp


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