Sailing Away from Lyrica

Battle of the Craw-Daddy

The Captain welcomes the party back on board the “Saint Anne”, Everyone but George immediately notices that the boat is riding a little bit lower because of all the extra people and cargo.
George, however, is making a strangely melodic humming noise and seems to be oblivious to everything going on around him.

The Saint Anne departs, the party hanging out on the top deck to watch the city as it recedes into the distance. However, only just after it has sucessfully navigated out of the city channel and is nearly into the main river way when you hear a thumping noise on the sides and bottom of the ship that George recognizes is familiar. At least, though, the captain is a bit more aware of it this time; he looks immediately alarmed. The Party looks up to see a group of crawds that have ridden the wheel up and landed on the top deck, clacking their claws menacingly.
One of them looks particularly menacing. Fortunately Eirlys with her astute nature skills immediately recognizes the characteristics of a creature that is naturally adept at leading others of its kind, and the name of the beast. “A Crawd king! Kill that one!”

As if in response to the call, the Crawd king draws itself up, skitters forward, points his claws at Eirlys and George, and makes a strange invertibrate trumpeting sound.
Dawn (as is not surprising) is having none of this. She flies across the battlefield in one mighty leap and rams into the crawd with claws drawn, and tail bristling. The creature hardly has time to reel from the onslaught before Kevnan springs up and throws his dagger deftly, slicing off several of the beasts limbs.

The other beasts are enraged by the roars of pain from their leader, and in their fervor scuttle up to Dawn and slice her with all their might. One notices Kevnan, and with a thunderous patter runs up and slices with its claws at Kevnan, who is prepared and deftly ducks the attack. Finally George reaches the battle, having been running towards the group since Dawn first engaged, charging into the beast and flipping it onto it’s back to wave all its remaining spindly appendages in the air uselessly.

The beasts turn to the new attacker, closing around the steaming metal man, but only half manage to find chinks in the Warforged’s metal skin; just in time for Eirlys’ Antlered Sloth-Bear to materialize behind the king and neatly crack open the shell of the Craw King, exposing it’s insides. As if acting in concert, Beriah follows this with an invocation that calls fire to burn within the carapaces of the monsters ringing George; their chitin shells bubbling and cracking from the heat that seems to emanate from within them.

The battle continues, dawn kicking and flying, a whirlwind of claws, George a behemoth of metal, crushing the beasts with his blows, Eirlys dancing at the edge of the field, watching the creatures with two sets of eyes in concert with her spirit companion, Kevnan a flurry of knives, and Beriah chanting the name of Avandra. After the death of the king, the scurrying creatures bear down with abandon.

One of Kevnan’s knives grazes George; he does a little dance even though he missed his primary target.

Dawn is grappled and faints, the battle seems to be turning against the adventurers! Fortunately, the creature lets go of her (thinking her dead) and moves past Eirlys’ spirit. The creature swipes and flares with energy, hitting the creature and healing Dawn simultaneously. Soon afterward Beriah scores a hit to the heart of one of the beasts, and the tide turns back to the adventurers, despite their wounds. Newly bolstered, they dispatch the critters in short order.

Bleeding and tired, the adventurers look around and run below decks to check on the crew. They find that the guards (taken on in Lyrica) had dispatched the remaining Crawd.
Gold Totals for this week:
Beriah: 640.85 gp
Dawn: 706.91 gp
Eirlys: 182.85 gp
George: 315.8 gp
Kevnan: 135 gp


Added paragraph formatting because the single giant battle paragraph was difficult to get through.

Sailing Away from Lyrica
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