Arrival in Lavol

Look under his beard for his name

Captain Mr. Dude is really happy with the service of the party.
We’re the best customers he’s had in a while! He is just really pleased. Really pleased.

The ship gets back underway.

Beriah goes immediately to bed, even though it’s still only late afternoon. She has really strange dreams about being a goblin, and George has a dog head, and Eirlys is a mushroom.
Then George throws all his little lizard bones into the ships gears and demands payment to fix it. Then there’s a giant bird-man who’s also a lawyer. And George asks Eirlys to stop hugging some juice with her mouth, then comments on the musical merits of some instrumental group called “inexess” while Kevnan dances.
They’re really weird dreams.

The Captain mentions that you’ll be in the next port by mid-morning the next day; he’s accelerated a bit to make up for the time lost when they were blocked by the big spire thing.

Dinner is lightly attended due to the captain pulling an extra shift trying to make up for lost time. Several other passengers comment that they are surprised at how fast he’s gotten the boat going.

During the night, Kevnan reinacts the bardic tale of the naval tragedy pavotanic, starring the dashing hero Leonardo diPavio. thirteen times, while george watches and sketches him.

When Beriah wakes up and remembers her dreams, she meditates on them for a bit and theorizes that her dreams became increasingly bizarre the further east they got. She tunes herself to the magical ambience of the landscape: the feel from the northwest is one of order and structure, while the The southwest has a feeling of sicklyness. The Northeast is clearly filled with chaos and undead and disorder. She is pretty sure that these are related to the status of the pillars in each quadrant. Realizing this, she reaches out to the southeast, but is unable to get any sort of reading.

Checking with the Captain, he confirms to the party that they are on track to arrive in the next town around mid-morning.

Kevnan entertains some of the guards with theatrical account of their encounters with the lizardmen (playing all of the parts himself, naturally) although he embellishes the exploits to include several past encounters with lizard females. The Guards are mostly just impressed that the lizardmen were around at all, they are apparently usually rather reclusive.
Eirlys, watching, raises her eyebrows at Kevnan’s accounts of his, um, conquests. He gets quite a bit of attention from the guards though, and his performance leads her to conclude that he must have been quite popular among his native Kobold tribe.
Soon the discussion becomes too ribald for her taste, though, so she turns and walks away.

Soon enough the boat docks in the city of Lavol.

Unbidden, Dawn has a flashback of learning about the naming squabbles for this particular city. The history of the name was quite complex, and full of intrigue, but mostly arguing.
possibly this is bidden by all of the arguing happening in the crowded port, as the deckhand maneuvers the boat into place (with a couple near misses, which the captain reassures them is business as usual for this port)
There are 2 trade companies, one of them is a smaller branch of a company they saw in Lyrica, and another is a smaller company that is headquartered here. (Lavol is about half the size of Lyrica)

The boat docks successully; it seems to be considerable more maneuverable than some of the other riverboats, and ride higher in the water. Regardless, it is now docked.

As it’s docking, Kevnan looks up at where the mask would be and laments that he can’t climb a mast and be captain Jack Kevnan.

The dock itself is very busy; although the population is smaller than lyrica there is considerably less space to maneuver in. Kevnan immediately spots some pickpockets.

As the boat is finally tied up and secure, the Captain announces that the boat will be docked for one day – it will be leaving early afternoon tomorrow. Kevnan, asking, learns that of the ports the captain frequents he is least likely to step off his ship in this one.

George mentions his intentions to start a fight club.

This region is a little more heavily forested than the region that lyrica was in.
There’s one paved road out of the city that eventually links up with a larger trade network, and a couple of dirt roads that go various places (including a hunting lodge), all through fairly deep forest.
The importance of the city to the consortium can be gauged by how many roads the city has, and this is a one-road-town.

As they step out onto the dock, george says “somebody touched my butt.” Everyone ignores him.

Kevnan keeps looking for criminal types; he wants to find their hideout without them noticing him.

Beriah is going to look for a temple. She sees a spire in the distance and heads towards it along the narrow, crowded streets.

George walks around, heading in the direction of anything he finds interesting, and eventually ends up in a shop with shrunken heads and shark fetuses preserved in formaldehyde.

Eirlys wanders around taking in the town (keeping an eye on her wallet)

Dawn flows through the crown like water, curiously investigating her surroundings

Beriah reaches the temple and steps inside. It is (like many consortium temples) multi-deic, with a fairly large and well-tended shrine to Avandra. Beriah lights some incense to Avandra, and takes some time to meditate at each of the other shrines.
There are quite a few shrines; each major good deity has an alcove, and there are a few to unaligned deities as well. She spends some time going through all of the shrines, and eventually stops to converse with the priest overseeing the temple. It arises in conversation that Beriah hasn’t had contact with Kesha, and would like to converse with it; over the course of conversation she gains some insight into how she might be able to commune with the Lion, which she endeavors to do.

George happens upon a curiosity shop. To enter the shop he walks downstairs, almost not noticing the sign because it is obscured by the railing to the stairs.
The shop is mostly empty; there’s maybe one other customer rummaging around for some exotic good, which is a feat since the shelves are even more filled with crap than Geoff’s curiosity shop.
Despite the strange surroundings the owner (a dwarf) continues to stare at George unabashedly, his graying, scraggly beard hiding the fact that his mouth is open in surprise.
George, after some time, notices the Dwarf. He walks over to him, peering all around the man (rather awkwardly).
The dwarf looks at him strangely.
George continues looking, lifting up the dwarf’s beard, continue to scrutinize his proximity. Eventually he stops, leans in and peers closely at the dwarf. “What is your name?”
“Zanorin Ironhouse. Proprietor of Ironhouse Curiosities.”
George nods sagely, and stands up.
“My word, I have never seen one of your kind in civilized lands before. It is indeed a strange thing that you are here.” Zanorin volunteers.
“I haven’t seen a dwarf since I was in the mountainhome Monstad.” George replies.
“Ah! You’ve been to Monstad? How was your journey from there? It is quite a distance.”
“It was swell. I rode a boat, and fought some lizardmen. I got some lizardbones. Would you like some lizardbones?”
“Oh, a trade! Well, I could have a look.” he takes out a fancy magnifying monocle on a chain, and George hands him his bone bag.
Taking a piece out of the pouch, Zanorin examines it closely. “Well, this is certainly lizardmen currency.” he sets it down. “There isn’t an exchange rate for lizardmen currency, but I could perhaps offer you a trade.”
“I have some other currency if you are interested” George takes out the old banknotes that he found in the chest, and hands them to the dwarf, who takes them (looking interested). “Oh! I have never seen anything much like this, but I recognize some of the symbols. They are not worth much to collectors these days, but these I could exchange for some gold if you would like it.”
“hmmm.” George hums, machine-like. “I would be interested.”
Zanorin takes out a large (very large) ledger and looks through it. “I have a collector I could sell about half of this to. I can offer 50 gold.”
George looks… like george. “I will consider it”
“OR” Zanorin offers, “I could offer more if you’re willing to take it in store credit.”
“Hmmm.” George hums again, “May I look around the shop?”
“Sure, go ahead. Do you have anything else you’d like to offer?”
George rummages around in his chest cavity and produces an old shriveled beet.
THIS” George says, obviously enamored of his treasure.
“Well that is certainly an old beet.”
“It used to be a fat beet.” George says.
“Uh-huh” Zanorin doesn’’t seem interested, but George doesn’t seem to notice. “Go ahead and look around!” he prompts. George nods, attempting to be sagely but falling short.
He searches each corner of the shop systematically (trying to make up for his lack of observation skills), and eventually finds an odd-shaped tablet with a flaming heart “tattooed” onto it – it’s not painted, it’s not embossed, it is somehow impressed upon it.
He also sees several figurines. There’s a horse, a soldier in armor, and an ox. The man-shaped statue is carved out of a smokey jade; the ox seems to be cut from gemstones, and the horse is carved out of green jade.
George gathers all of these things together and takes them to the counter.
“Iron[mumble], friend, I am interested in these items”
Zanorin glances over them. “oh, I’ve had that tablet forever. I would definitely trade these lizard bones for that tablet.”
“What about these statues?”
“Oh I don’t know if I could part with all of those statues. I know I could sell the banknotes, but only for the value of one of those statues.”
“What about all of the lizardbones and the banknotes for two statues?”
“ummm, I don’t think I could do that.”
George offers the beat; Zanorin turns him down. George looks disappointed.
He appraises the statues. “I accept. I would like the ox” George also hands him a piece of copper, slightly flattened in his grip.
“That will do”
“Thank you, beardman!”
“You’re quite welcome”
George departs with his new treasures. On his way out, he finds a copper on the ground.

Kevnan’s pursuit of the pickpockets continues well; his mark remains completely unaware that he’s being followed.

Dawn quickly gets bored just wandering around and goes looking for trouble. She’s aware of the moderate criminal element in the city, and considers attempting to pickpocket a pickpocket. She thinks through some of the consequences and decides that her take would probably not be worth killing some poor street urchin over if he noticed her.

Kevnan follows his quarry into his shabby apartment, and climbs up into the human’s window (without anyone noticing, which is impressive given that it is a second story window).

Kevnan hops in, noticing his modest surroundings, disappointed that he hasn’t found the robust criminal element that he’s been looking for.
Kevnan peeks into the window, watching the fellow. He is just resting, quietly going through what he found for the day. Kevnan notices a rather nice ring, and admires the skill it would’ve taken to get a ring off of someone’s finger.
He seems to be a good thief, but not very wealthy.
Kevnan continues watching, disappointed that he hasn’t discovered the criminal element he was looking for. He sighs, and takes 30 gp, puts it in a bag, and hangs it on his doornob. Then he lurks away.
Pav-man, strikes again.

Dawn continues looking for either someone to help, or someone to destroy. She wants to find someone on the edge. For the most part though, everyone just is going about their business. Still bored, she goes to find an alchemy lab.


Gold Totals for this week:
Beriah: 640.85 gp
Dawn: 706.91 gp
Eirlys: 182.85 gp
George: 315.8 gp
Kevnan: 105 gp


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