Departure From Lyrica

Party Woo Party Yeah

Our party begins on the docks. Woo Party! Party yeah party woo.
Dawn leaves a carved moose from her cloak at the end of the dock, and they quickly dump Borlem’s body into the river and escape back into the sewers.
Back in the warehouse, they exchange cursory words with a sleepy guard before heading back to the boat.
Party woo Party yeah. We’re welcomed back to the boat by the deckhand; we still have individual rooms but there are a few more people on the boat, so we may need to consolidate before tomorrow’s departure. Party woo, Party yeah.
On a related note, it seems like trade is about normal – which is somewhat surprising considering the undead invasion happening in the south. There haven’t been any noticable changes in the quality of life, although The Board of Directors of the Lyran mercantile consortium have a trade embargo on the northwest quadrant of Pavo.
The evening is uneventful, everyone gets a full night of rest including Kevnan even though he got really drunk, drinking a flagon of ale that is as large as his head, and started to prattle to anyone who would listen about how he fought a vampire. Summarily, he passes out in the corner and has some crazy dreams which he is convinced actually happened. Party, woo, party, yeah.
In the morning, George rises early and goes to seek out the street man to sell him his vampire dust. He somehow manages to find him.
“Dave! hey Dave”
“Who’s Dave?”
“Hello Dave”
“Hello, weird metal-man. What do you want”
“I have something you may be interested in” he opens his chest cavity in a way that he imagines to be suave and mysterious, but falls short of it’s goal. “It’s vampire dust” he brings out a moth-eaten, dirty blanket filled with vampire dust.
“Ok, let me try it” he licks his finger and points it towards the blanket, slowly getting closer.
“what?” george says
“well, I have to test it to see that it’s real”
“ok” George looks a little suspicious, but lets ‘Dave’ poke his finger into the dust, bring it to his nose and sniff, and then lick a little bit off. Woo party yeah.
“Yup that tastes about right.”
He offers to buy it from George for 150 gold, saying “It’s a pretty good deal! It’s fresh.”
George thinks a moment. “What about the blanket?” he narrows his eye-slit shrewdly.
“I don’t need your blanket I have a pouch – I have a pouch – I have a pouch right here” He stutters as he reaches for his pouch and it swings out of his way, only managing to continue with his sentence after he makes contact with the pouch.
“Ok” says George. He takes the money. “I hope our paths cross again someday”
“You’re weird.” the man who George calls Dave says, before walking away.
(Party, Woo, Party Yeah)
By the time the rest of the party is awakening, George is back on the boat. They head over to Geoff’s to check on his progress. His shop opens right about nine, the party gets there a few minutes early. Geoff arrives shortly, he looks a little bit groggy (party woo) but visibly brightens when he notices George clunking around outside the door. He waves them in, excitedly.
“I’m glad you all are here! I had a little extra time and I managed to finish them all last night!” He places the amulets on the counter.
George wants a hug – Geoff complies happily. George manages to not hurt him, although it was maybe slightly tighter than was comfortable. Party yeah.
Geoff sees them out, and invites them to return anytime! They thank him for his excellent work, and move on to their next errand.
Kevnan buys his kink gear (battle harness leather armor) with a bit of help from Beriah.
Beriah makes a final report the insurance adjustor, and then goes to a guards office to make a more thorough report about the connection of the stolen goods to the cult of Orcus. The Guards thank her and tell her that they’ll take it from here. Party woo, party yeah.
After the boat departs, she begins the transfer enchantment from her colleagues chosen magic items to the stones, in order to fit them into the amulets.
Eirlys goes back to her magic bond, attempting to commune with the nature spirit again. Dawn accompanies her; George offers but is bluntly rebuffed.
They walk past Totesma’s goat farm; Eirlys waves at him. He squints a bit, and then waves back. Then goes to chase a goat. Party woo, party yeah. “Maaaa” the goat says.
They reach the pond. The weather is pretty nice for midsummer (approaching the summer solstice); it’s not too hot. Dawn decides against fishing in the pond, correctly ascertaining that neither the spirit of the place nor Eirlys would be very happy with her for doing so.
Eirlys again attempts to commune with the spirit of this place, summoning her spirit companion and watching through its eyes as it walks out into the middle of the lake. The spirit companion is stronger, brighter, and more focused than it usually looks.
Eirlys, through her spirit companion, can sense that the spirit is accepting her attempt to contact it, and watches as it rises from the center of the lake, taking the shape of a giant glowing ram. She (as her spirit companion) takes a step back. The rest of the spirit world dims around them, and it seems that for the moment they are at the center of the world.
Dawn, meanwhile, can see none of this, and remains sitting on the bank, lounging a bit as Eirlys sits in a trance-like state. Party woo, party yeah.
The spirit communicates with Eirlys, welcoming her to the path of spirits. She can sense an inquisitiveness in it’s address – he is wondering what brought her to this place.
She replies with her curiosity – she’s never seen a place like this before, and was naturally drawn to it. She communicates that there are no places like this where she’s from, and even less now that her homeland is under threat from the undead of the demon lord. The Ram snorts in acknowledgement; communicating his awareness of the growing darkness in the north.
The Ram asks for some assurance of the truth of Eirlys’ purpose, to which she replies with an outpouring of memories from the previous day, of healing the goats and caring for animals and growing things.
It nods, it’s focus shifts away as it takes the information it’s gained and checks it against the memories of the land. Party woo, party yeah. It makes a low humming noise, and Eirlys can feel it as it reaches it’s awareness out to the world beyond its pool.
Soon enough it springs back. It nods again, having confirmed the truth of Eirlys’ words, and pledges to her a boon. The Ram spirit gives her a spirit helmet that is evocative of rams horns. It is only visible to those who can see into the spirit world, and gives her the “boon of aura sight” through which her vision can see the strength of vital signs of those around her, and makes her healing more effective.
After the ram spirit grants his boon, he tells Eirlys of other spirits throughout the land who can grant similar boons should she prove to them the purity of her intentions.
Eirlys asks of a spirit of the river, the Ram is unsure if one yet exists, though he knows that there has been one in the past.
Eirlys thanks it, it sinks slowly back into the pond.
Back on the bank, Eirlys slowly comes to awareness of her surroundings, marveling on the events that have just occured and feeling thankful.
Back in town, the party converges on the boat and gets ready for their departure.
Meanwhile Kevnan has a one man party in his room, wearing his new kink gear. Party woo, party yeah.


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