Daleborn Investigation

Put a pun on it

After collecting their reward, the adventurers continued their sleuthing by talking to the insurance investigator, Darom. They met him in the warehouse, and grabbed a seat at a table. Darom asked them for a statement of what they encountered in the under city. Beriah told him of the wererat minions, the items that were found, and that they captured the wererat leader for questioning later, purposefully skipping over the fact that they had interrogated Borlem in the under city. Beriah then asked if Darom knew what was stolen, as that information would help in the questioning.

Darom pulled out a manifest of the items he thought to be stolen based on inventory, which matched up with what the adventurers had returned. The items were mostly smithing and metal working equipment. When Beriah asked what merchant the symbol belonged to, Darom looked through his papers and found the name – Mr. Daleborn.

At this point the group split up to do various tasks during the day, with the plan to meet back at the warehouse at dusk.

Dawn helped a fish merchant with a stray cat problem, and sold him some fish for 6 gold. Seeing that Dawn had a way with the cats, the merchant asked if she might be able to more permanently help relocate them. Dawn split up the cats, leading some to a fish monger who seemed to enjoy the new additions to his growing cat family. Other cats were brought to a quiet part of town where they could live out their life chasing mice and being pet by younglings. For helping the fish merchant with his cat problem, Dawn earned 50 more gold.

Kevnan found the city planners office and offered help in mapping out parts of the under city that were damaged or simply uncharted. Kevnan was offered 80 gold to complete this task, but Kevnan had one more condition – that the portion of the under city he mapped out be named after him. Kevnan mapped out the area, excluding a hard to access portion of it that he plans to use as a hideout. Kevnan got his payment then went and did karaoke.

Eirlys went to a Goat farm owned by a man named Totesma. Eirlys gave a helping hand at Totesma Goats farm. She helped lead some of the goats, and healed a goat with an injured leg. Totesma gave Eirlys some delicious, high quality goat cheese. Afterwards, she sat by a pond and communed with nature. How boring. There was quite a bit of natural spirit energy in this area. Eirlys summoned her spirit companion to help her connect with the spirit. Unfortunately, the spirit seemed to be quite skittish, and she was not able to coax it out.

George went to visit Geoff and tell him about how the arm blade has been working out. Geoff was thrilled, and offered to replace the cover plate of his blade with one that better conceals it. While George and Geoff were still in the back shop, someone else entered. This man, Lars, was a friend of Geoff, and a fellow member of the Greater Pavo Society of Warforged Enthusiasts. Lars and Geoff invited George to the GPSoWE meeting next month. George left Geoff’s shop, and went down to the docks where he worked for 4 hours, earning a very respectable 80 silver.

Beriah went in search of travelers’ shrines to her patron deity Avandra to see if they needed any upkeep. The nearest shrines were all in good condition, so Beriah decided to check the larger shrine further out of town to the southeast. She was greeted by a cleric. The two talked for a while, and the cleric mentioned that she had seen another deva heading into town recently. Beriah returned to town looking for this other deva, but was unable to make any progress.

As the sun was setting, the adventurers regrouped at the warehouse.


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